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How To Consume Cannabis?

Aside from the weed, the delivery technique is the most essential aspect regarding cannabis absorption. If you want to become a true cannabis enthusiast, use this checklist as a guide.

We have included the 7 best ways to consume marijuana. Some of them are familiar and straightforward, such as smoking or edibles.

Besides, you can choose some other methods to have new experiences. Numerous consumers try cannabis for medical purposes. If you are among them, these approaches can still help.

Let’s read on to discover how people are enjoying weed and get high!



One of the most popular cannabis-consuming ways is smoking. When you smoke marijuana, you light its flower and inhale the smoke.

You can enjoy this smoking method in different ways.

With Pipes 

These are common devices for smoking marijuana since they are compact, portable, and quick to use. You need to fill the bowl-shaped section at one end with weed and light it. The smoke passes through the pipe and out your mouth, where you consume.

With Water Pipes

Water pipes function similarly to the previous method. The only difference is the water filters the smoke in the chamber for this approach. The water will cool the weed smoke, allowing for a more satisfying inhaling experience.

With Joints

If you don’t like pipes, consider using joints instead. You can make joints by rolling the weed until it looks like a cigarette. Then, light and inhale your roll.

With Blunts

Blunts work like the joints. However, you need to utilize cigar paper instead. Blunts are generally often bigger than joints and hold more weed.

With Bowls

The bowl is a convenient method to enjoy weed. They come in the shape of a hand pipe.

Many people like bowls because they enable them to ingest lesser dosages without having to use smoking paper as they would with the joint.

With Bongs

More seasoned smokers prefer bongs, which are another form of water pipe. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes. Bongs, like water pipes, utilize water to chill the smoke before it enters your lungs, making inhaling simpler.

With Bubblers

There are many ways to smoke cannabis
There are many ways to smoke cannabis

A bubbler is a combination of a water pipe and a standard glass pipe. They appear to be smaller than bongs but generally a bit larger than bowls. They also employ water to deliver a pure, clean hit. 

Bubblers are ideal for individuals who enjoy bongs but want smaller doses. The size can be a big plus. Moreover, they are a perfect option for novices due to their ease of usage.


Vaporizers are the best option for marijuana users who are moderately competent or health-conscious. 

A vaporizer burns herbs to a temperature that is high enough to remove CBD, THC, and some other cannabinoids in a controlled way. 

vaporize method
Try vaporizers if you care about your health

Furthermore, the temperatures must be low enough to allow the potentially hazardous chemicals to exit.

Vaporization, in general, reduces the health hazards connected with smoking cannabis. This change comes with a sharp decrease in odor, which is often the first thing new vape consumers notice.

Both concentrates and flowers may be functional in vaporizers. Fill a heating tank halfway with cannabis, set the temperature, and breathe the smoke through your mouth.

Some people prefer using vape pens to consume cannabis. They usually resemble pens, as the name indicates. A cartridge and a battery make up these gadgets. While the cartridge keeps the marijuana oil, the battery offers the heat.

Unlicensed vapes can cause lung illnesses. Hence, make sure that you get the vape pens from a legal store.


The impacts of drinking or eating cannabis differ substantially from those of delivery techniques that reach the bloodstream instantly. Any foodstuff containing cannabis, no matter if the cannabinoids can be bioavailable or not, is edible.

Such products get a longer duration. They may have strong psychoactive effects that affect your entire body.

In most cases, edibles contain a fat-rich basic component. These compounds allow the medicinal elements of the plant to move out. Another wonderful alternative for dose regulation and convenience is to apply tinctures in foods.

Preparing cannabis food can be challenging in general. You’ll have to deal with the complexity of cannabis engagement. The difficulty also comes from the need for precise temperature levels and timeframes, as well as enough solvent fat. 

However, as the use of marijuana becomes more popular, so does the use of weed in cooking.

edible method
Edible options are diverse

Here are some recommendations for the edible method:


Weed-infused drinks are quite familiar. You can make up a cup of marijuana coffee or tea straight at home. By combining Cbd and THC strains, cannabis tea can be non-psychoactive or with very few psychoactive effects.

Most cannabis coffee at local stores, on the other hand, has enough THC to make you high. It has a unique blend of THC and caffeine for a distinct buzz. CBD caffeine is an alternative to make you awaken if you want a more laid-back day.


Simple syrup is sugar and water-based fluid sweetener. Cannabis syrup is incredibly simple to prepare. You can also use it in a wide range of culinary and beverage preparations.

You may soak the bud in syrup to make it more potent. If you want more taste, add some flavorings and herbs. For a distinctive and pleasant high, try mixing it into your coffee, preferably the iced one.


Many culinary recipes include cannabis butter as the main component. It’s simple to prepare at home. Refrigerate your marijuana butter after it’s finished. You may serve it with toast or cookies in the morning. Any meal you want to turn into an edible is also possible.

Chewing Gum

CBD gum has all of the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis without the euphoric effects. The cannabinoids travel through your mouth’s mucous membranes, which is more efficient than consuming edibles.

Gum has been a popular alternative for individuals suffering from severe pain illnesses due to its efficiency and discreteness.


For ages, cannabis has been famous in medication for reducing pain. Topical lotions and ointments laced with CBD and THC, on the other hand, have just developed in recent years. They have no psychotropic properties. They do, however, offer significant regional painkillers.

Many individuals, especially athletes, have begun to apply topical creams. They are effective at alleviating muscular pains without any risk of medication-related side effects.

topical cream
Edible options are diverse

Patients with neuropathic pain experience healing when they use it on a regular basis. Others, on the other hand, have reported recovery from inflammations and rashes on the skin.

The earlier procedures were time-consuming and complicated. As a result, people are hesitant to make topicals. However, with Ardent’s straightforward decarboxylation along with infusion, making powerful and low-cost topical is a piece of cake. 


Tinctures can be oil-based or alcohol preparations of marijuana. They are available in sublingual and incorporated varieties.

Sublingual tincture is the better way. Its release may be slower than when you smoke, but much faster than the edible approach. It offers a longer effect than smoking, but its duration is shorter than the edibles.

About four drops of tincture are enough. Once you place it under your tongue, it will go across your body. The absorption takes place more quickly if you’re hungry. However, it needs time to get through your liver, which limits dose control.

Four drops of tincture are enough at a time

Full Spectrum Oil (aka RSO Oil)

Consumers can swallow and digest the RSO oil. It frequently has an oily texture. These oils can be absorbed or made into capsules for easy consumption.

People produce RSO by separating the medicinal components of marijuana from alcohol. Then, they evaporate the liquid, creating a tar-like mixture that looks like oil left.


Dabs are cannabis extracts with a large concentration of THC. It comes from the process of solvent extraction of THC and some other cannabinoids. The method produces sticky oils, then creates the dabs.

To activate the dabbing, you need to use the nail as a surface to heat it. Then, inhale it using a dab rig. 

Some people have used dabs as a smoking method for the past decade. Nonetheless, the introduction of more sophisticated extraction technologies has led to an avalanche of weed concentrates. They have contributed to the popularity of dabbing.


Above is the list of the 7 best ways to consume marijuana. Unfortunately, there is no method that can fit everyone. The best way to consume cannabis refers to a product, your tastes, and the feeling you want to experience.

Nevertheless, once you have got the high-quality weed, the decision on consuming it will be simpler to make.

Hopefully, you will have a great experience with your choice. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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