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BigBudAdvisors.com is a website that provides useful information related to cannabis including: how to choose varieties, factors impacting on plant care and other issues related to plant growing. Our articles will help readers better understand the cannabis, bringing high yield to growers.

Who founded BigBudAdvisors?

BigBudAdvisors was founded by Michael Blood on May 26, 2017. He was born in 1946 in San Diego. He completed a dual major BA in Anthropology & Sociology Magna Cum Laude in 3 years. Michael Blood then went through the Graduate School of Anthropology at San Diego State University and later attended the Graduate School of Social Work, earning an M.S.W. For the last 25 years, he has been teaching subjects such as: Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Social Psychology, etc.

During this time, he also researched the cannabis. Then he published a series of books about this plant with accurate and complete information such as:

The Marijuana Strain Grower’s Bible: with over 500 strains1,


100 Best Cannabis Strains: A Pocket Guide for Medicinal and Recreational Use3, Marijuana Strains That Promote Sexual Arousal And How To Grow Them4.

He realized that a lot of knowledge about the cannabis plant and methods to grow it had still not been properly understood by growers, leading to low yields. Therefore, he decided to establish BigBudAdvisors to share information in a systematic way, from selecting varieties to properly taking care and harvesting cannabis plants.

With the knowledge he has acquired, as well as the books he has published, it can be said that he is an expert in the field of growing cannabis.

BigBudAdvisors’ Vision and Mission

Currently, the cannabis plant is one of the most widely used medicinal and recreational plants in the world. Therefore, the plant has brought high economic value. However, to better understand the varieties as well as the methods to take care and use them properly, many people still do not know a methodical way.

To solve it, BigBudAdvisors was officially developed. BigBudAdvisors brings together our passionate and knowledgeable cannabis enthusiasts to share what we’ve learned over the years.

Under the direction of Michael Blood, we will provide a system of knowledge to help you familiarize, understand and experiment to bring practical efficiency in your work.

Our articles will show the actual results in the process of selecting and caring for cannabis plants. And we’d love to hear your feedback as you apply this information to growing your own cannabis, as well as your comments to make BigBudAdvisors better.

We clearly define our mission to accompany you to bring economic benefits, community value, and make cannabis cultivation simpler and more productive.

With the motto “share to grow”, we not only provide simple information but also help you answer your questions in the process of growing cannabis.

If you are looking for cannabis growing supplies, cannabis grow setup, cannabis knowledge, etc.,  please refer to the information on BigBudAdvisors for the most practical knowledge and the most suitable route for you.

 Contact Information

– Phone: (1) 870-505-0577

– Address: 2210 S Valentine St, Little Rock, AR 72204, United States

– Email: [email protected]

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  1. Whether you want to grow 3 plants or 30,000 there are many factors to take into consideration: Would you rather grow a strain that produces 38g per season or one that yields 9 Kilos? Would you rather grow a strain that has a high incidence of unwanted side effects (Anxiety, paranoia, headaches, etc.) – Reference Sources
  2. Nearly everyone is now aware that Marijuana has significant medical value.
    What most do not realize is that different strains have profoundly different effects – Reference Sources
  3. An in-depth guide to finding the right cannabis strain for your needs—both on a recreational and medicinal level. With an ever-increasing number of states legalizing the use of marijuana  – Reference Sources
  4. A resource for those marijuana strains that specifically result in sexual arousal.This book lists over 60 different strains, how to grow them,Name of each strain, Type (indica, sativa or cross), THC content, CBD Content if 1%or higher, Parent strains, Taste, Smell, Length of Flowering time – Reference Sources