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Top 10 Best Air Stones For DWC Hydroponics – 2021 Edition

The 10 Best Air Stones For DWC In 2021

Air stones play an essential role in creating the tiny bubbles of oxygen needed by the cannabis plant. Therefore, you cannot ignore this item if you want your cannabis garden to grow well. Here are the best air stones for DWC that you can choose from.

1. VIVOSUN 4 Inch Disc - Best For Overall

VIVOSUN 4 inches has a circular shape at the giant water contact surface. 0.8 inches thick, it is considered a bubble-making monster with a large and regular number of bubbles. You can combine it with an 8W pump to experience compelling performance.

This option is very flexible to connect with different styles of pots. However, large-scale systems will be a bit overwhelming for it.

The harmless material has brought fresh and oxygenated air to the aquatic environment. The roots from there have a rich source of nutrients to nourish the whole body.

Growing cannabis and especially applying a hydroponic system, you should not ignore this VIVOSUN. They are thick and produce very stable gas.

The disc-shaped design is both beneficial and annoying. For example, the stone’s surface in contact with water is much, so these rock discs are quickly away by water. To overcome this situation, the manufacturer has included three solid suction cups to position the disc to rest at the bottom of the tank.

To connect the suction screw to the disc, they used a plastic protective ring. Thanks to this circle, the stone disc is better protected in the water. So they can be available longer.


  • It fits a variety of pots
  • Fixed suction
  • Keeps roots healthy
  • Create a clean water environment
  • There is a layer of protection


  • Not enough for large systems

2. Pawfly Stone Disc - Best For Making Smooth Bubbles

The Sawfly stone dish has a moderate size of 4 inches for easy placement in pots. The disc produces bubbles of 300 – 500 microns. This number is minimal, but they are still enough to provide the oxygen needed for the plant.

Not only is this a source to help balance the metabolic system for plants, but this stone is also very friendly to the environment.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about infected soil that is detrimental to the hydroponic garden. So your pest control is not affected much.

This air stone is very convenient. It comes with a suction cup, so it floats effortlessly, and you don’t need to buy additional suction cups.

In addition, this stone has three holders included. Therefore, the air generation is not affected by the ability to keep a good balance at the tank bottom.

Because of the quality material used, you can wash it for reuse. The carborundum material is non-toxic, so there will be no complications with long-term use.


  • Fit for 5-gallon bucket
  • Suction cup available
  • Long-lasting durability
  • No impact on the environment
  • Multiple airflows


  • Not powerful enough for large setups

3. Hydrofarm Active ASCM - Best For Versatility

ASCM comes in three sizes: 1.4 x 1.7 inches, 2 x 2 inches, and 2 x 4 inches. Among them, the 2 x 2-inch stones are the most prominent because they are flexible enough to accommodate 5 to 20-gallon containers.

Besides, the smaller or larger stones create more options for you. The smallest stone is very convenient for you, especially those with a small hydroponic system in the house. They don’t take up much space but are just enough to balance the oxygen system of your cannabis plant.

Regardless of the size, the manufacturer also creates a certain weight for the stone. Therefore, they are heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the barrel and carry out their mission smoothly.

At the same time, you can decrease the time to access the tank, so the oxygen circulation takes place faster.

When it has reached the bottom, the rock is still lying there. So the working process is very productive.

The delicate and dense microparticles on the rock body have contributed to promoting the production of bubbles a lot. These bubbles are small in size, so they are easily absorbed.


  • Serves a variety of bin sizes
  • Three size options
  • Productive activity
  • Self-storage at the bottom of the tank
  • Create consistent bubbles


  • Need the support of a large capacity pump

4. AQUANEAT Pack Stone - Best For Performance

AQUANEAT comes in 3 sizes for a variety of projects. In particular, this stone has a 4 x 6 inch grid design that can be commercial.

Besides, the ability to operate efficiently with professional-grade performance is well suited for extensive cannabis gardens.

Different from other air stones, this stone is very specialized for growing systems. Therefore, they can be considered the best for hydroponic systems.

In addition, safe and environmentally friendly materials are a big plus for you to use because they do not adversely affect the tree.

Not only is this non-toxic, but the stone is also a durable option to be reused over again. You can wash it many times, but its performance does not change.

These stones provide tons of oxygen bubbles to the plant. However, this number will increase a lot when you combine it with a large capacity pump.

If you apply this tool to your home cannabis garden, there is no need to design it with a pump. But using two instruments in a sizeable hydroponic system, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can deliver oxygen. You also won’t need to worry much about the metabolism and metabolism of the roots anymore.

In addition, you can also combine it with a hydroponic compressor to create a large amount of aeration for the system. This air stone is easy to use and easy to put together.


  • Powerful performance
  • Outstanding bubble production ability
  • Heavy so it can be kept stable at the bottom of the barrel
  • Safe for plants
  • Various sizes


  • Need to soak for a long time before using

5. Wenshall Air Stones - Best For Small Tanks

We shall consist of 4 small stones just 1.6 inches. Although small, it is compelling. The ability to create an outstanding atmosphere. Each of those pellets will produce 2 liters of air for 1 minute.

As such, these four stones can create tons of air bubbles that are enough to supply your plants fully. The small appearance is not a drawback but a highlight for users to easily recognize their outstanding performance.

Although small, they are still heavy enough to sink to the bottom and stay there throughout the work. Therefore, the bubble generation is very uniform.

If you are using the DWC method for the first time, this option is very suitable. They are small but good enough for experimental projects or a small home garden. Besides, the price is very affordable.

In addition, you have the flexibility to combine the two types to aerate more large pools. However, you should also consider the amount of gas needed because even if you coalesce all four tablets at the same time, the amount of oxygen is still not enough for a tank of more than 8 gallons.


  • Effective for small systems
  • Good anti-floating ability
  • Cheap
  • Anti-folding transparent aviation tube
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable for large settings

6. CNZ Fish Tank Bubble - Best For Rectangular Tanks

The classic elongated CNZ performs well in deep water. The ability to create bubbles and aeration is great, especially in rectangular pools.

The two-piece pumice stone has five flexible sizes for you to use. At the same time, they also function as decoration.

For the air stones to work at their full capacity, you must place them correctly in an appropriately sized tank. Therefore, before buying, you should determine the length of the tank you need to avoid purchasing the wrong one.

You can also use two bars in the same tank system to increase the zero max.

In addition, to maintain an even and steady airflow, you need the help of a suction cup. Because these long rods are pretty light, they are quickly away. If rolled off the bottom, the ability to create gas will be affected.

Alternatively, you can hide it behind the pebbles, and the force of the pebbles prevents the ice bar from rolling.


  • Perfect for rectangular tanks
  • Various options
  • Easy to hide under gravel
  • Create a long stream of fine bubbles


  • Easy to drift

7. VIVOHOME Air Stones - Best For Bubble Creation Speed

Simple structure and easy to use! You just need to attach the adapter to the stone. Then put it in the tank. The rock will quickly sink on its own and stay at the bottom of the tank. You just need to add a pump with the suitable capacity.

In addition, you do not need any additional accessories to be still able to function well.

This stone is a 4 x 2 inch round column. This shape is most effective for creating bubbles. Therefore, when put in water, the foam that it continuously offers is also quite beautiful.

Each ice cube produces 2.5 liters per minute, which is higher than the required standard of 1 liter per minute. So it can be seen, its performance is strong for large tanks.

Or, when using tanks of more than 5 gallons, you combine two effervescent rocks at the same time. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to witness the splash of water bubbles everywhere.

You should also not be greedy but must observe the amount of oxygen. If it is set too compared to the water, it is necessary to reduce the operating capacity of the air pump. The purpose is to regulate and rebalance oxygen to ensure that the roots can still absorb the right amount of moisture. 

Mineral material is safe for plants and water flow. Therefore, this system can not cause plants anymore. On the contrary, it helps to maintain the nutrient solution in the DWC system, and the roots are also more robust. 


  • Tubular shape provides large oxygen flow
  • 4mm hose for long time service
  • Creates a smooth shine for easy absorption by the roots
  • Suitable for a hydroponic system


  • Hard to clean

8. Alegi Air Stone Bubbler - Best For Durability

Cylinder Stone is a cylinder 5.3 inches long with a diameter of 1.2 inches. Compared to other stones of the same shape, it seems to be longer.

After soaking for 2 hours, you connect it to a pump of at least 4W to put it in the tank. With a mass of 0.33 Ib, the rock will quickly sink and rest at the bottom of the tank. Because of its stable position, it gives a very uniform and continuous amount of bubble air.

Two air kick heads due to two sturdy protective plastic covers. Therefore, this product has unquestionable durability. Besides, you can use the brush to clean and store for the subsequent use.

In addition, when you see the bubbles decrease, you can also use a scrub to clean the dirt causing the blockage.


  • Durable
  • High stability at the bottom of the tank
  • Easy to clean
  • Long shape


  • Long soaking time

9. VANCE Air Stone 4.2 Inch - Best For Budget

With a size of 4.2 inches, the VANCE stone surface is very suitable for hydroponic systems.

The circular shape increases the contact surface, so the amount of bubbles generated is a lot. In 1 minute, it produces 12 liters of gas suitable for tanks from 15.7 to 39.4 inches.

The design has a very high level of protection. Round plastic surrounds with three suction feet. Thanks to that, the stone will never be washed away by water.

Combined with pumps with a capacity of 4 – 8 W, the bubble effect is excellent. The system operates quietly. The bubbles produced are tiny and dense.

Using high-quality mineral materials, this stone is not only harmless to the environment and plants but also provides a moderate amount of nutrients to prevent the roots from being waterlogged.


  • Safe for plants
  • With protective cover
  • Suction base included
  • Supply oxygen to a medium-sized pot
  • The amount of bubbles created is large


  • Some cases of stone slabs not working at all

10. Mudder Air Stone Diffuser - Best For Stable Quality

Via: Amazon.com

The roots are the source of nutrients for the entire plant. In hydroponic systems, cannabis roots are susceptible to rotting and metabolic hypoxia. To overcome the above situation, you need to prepare an air ice generation system quickly.

Similar to other stones on the market, Mudder Air has safe materials for cultivation. Therefore, the whole process of providing oxygen will not cause any toxicity.

The process of stone formation is through embroidery at high temperatures, so the bubbles formed are very strong and durable. Therefore, the amount of gas produced is always enough to supply plants.

Besides, it is very versatile. You can use it in a hydroponic system for crops, especially cannabis.

In addition, the aquarium is also the place where the oxygen subsidy of this stone is needed. Or you can also apply it to saltwater systems or natural ponds.

It is to use an 8 W air pump for the most significant amount of air bubbles. The first time when connecting the pump and the rock, you should unplug and replug more than four times to help the air bubble evenly.

At the same time, clean air so as not to affect the water environment.


  • Multi-disc set
  • The amount of gas produced is uniform
  • Durable material
  • Versatile
  • Fixed suction screw


  • Expensive

Buying Guide For The Best Air Stones

Because air stones are very diverse in design, size, and material, it can be difficult for you to choose.

However, when learning about a model, you only need to pay attention to the following factors. You will quickly know which type of rock is suitable for your hydroponic purposes.

1. Composition material

The material that makes up the rock can affect its ability to create tiny air bubbles. It also affects your plants.

In addition, this factor also determines whether the air stone can be available for a long time or not. Many stone properties are affected by the material, so you need to pay attention to this issue when choosing to buy stone.

2. Quantity to buy

You need to make sure how many ice cubes your hydroponic system needs. Once you have this figure in mind, you’ll know how much you should buy for different-sized rocks to ensure the system has the right amount of air to use.

The amount of rock to buy also depends on the nature of the hydroponic system.

For example, your garden consists of small boxes linked together, now you need to buy rocks for each box. So, how many crates you have, you will buy as many stones.

3. Shape

The appearance of the stone is one of the evaluation criteria that cannot be ignored. The pumice stone can be round, tubular or oblong, or any other shape.

Each type of ice will have a different ability to create air bubbles or work well when in particular containers. For example, CNZ long bars work better with rectangular bins.

4. Price

The cost of a product depends on the budget you are willing to spend. Air stones are not too expensive compared to other devices.

However, when buying in bulk, you also need to pay a certain amount.

Besides, you need to prepare a backup amount to replace when there is a problem. Therefore, you should pay attention to many affordable stones.

Also, you can check out the video for more details.


Using air stones in DWC is a lot of fun. You need to be careful not to overdo it. In addition, this stone is beneficial for hydroponic systems.

How much air does a DWC need?

The 5-gallon DWC system requires a 5-watt pump that operates at 5 LPM or 80 GPH. These are the standard numbers necessary to produce a sufficient amount of oxygen for your cannabis roots to grow at most stages.

Can you have too much air in DWC?

Many people think that providing more oxygen in the water is better. However, water with too many air bubbles will cause the water to move excessively.

At this time, the roots of the plant are affected and are not able to receive enough moisture. Therefore, you cannot have too much air in the DWC system.

Do you need air stones in DWC?

In the DWC system, if you want the plants to grow well and well, then the supply of oxygen is required. For that reason, you cannot lack air stones in your scale.

Besides, your stone must also meet 1 liter of air in 1 minute through aeration and airflow per gallon of water.

What does an air stone do in hydroponics?

In hydroponic systems, oxygen is an essential source of plant nutrients. Therefore, ice is a great tool for oxygen replenishment and nutrient circulation.

This instrument produces tiny and fine bubbles that displace oxygen and prolong the life of the nutrient solution. From there, the roots grow healthy and avoid root rot.

How big of an air stone Do I need?

The bigger the air rock, the better is what you need for your hydroponic system. In particular, if your model is comprehensive, then a large stone for commercial use will be a reasonable choice.

You should avoid mini, compact designs for small systems in the home because you will have to spend a lot of money to buy a large quantity. It is more expensive, but it is unlikely to provide the required amount of oxygen.


Have you chosen the best air stones for DWC yet? Remember the essential criteria when deciding to buy air stones. You will quickly find the right type.

In fact, any kind of stone is worth it; if possible, you ought to make full use of it as much as possible. Then use that experience as a long-term companion product. 

Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information.

Thank you for following this post! 

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