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Top 10 Best Bloom Booster For Growing Cannabis (Reviewed & Tested 2021)

In developing cannabis plants, flowering is a very important stage because it directly affects the yield. Because of this, people often find ways to stimulate cannabis plants to bloom and often use nutrients.

Are you looking for the best quality and yielding cannabis stimulant fertilizer? You are wondering which type to choose because there are so many products on the market.

Here is a compilation of the top 10 best bloom boosters to help you harvest high-quality finished products when growing cannabis. 

Top 10 Best Bloom Booster for Cannabis in 2021

We’ve put together a basic review of each of these products to help you choose the best bloom stimulants for your cannabis garden. You can refer to the following information, and sure, they are really useful for you. 

1. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud - Best For Famous Brand

My first recommendation is Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer, a fertilizer from a well-known and reputable brand. This product is already familiar to growers, especially cannabis growers.

Certainly, the investment cost of buying this fertilizer is not cheap, but with brand trust, people are willing to spend this cost.

Plus, this fertilizer contains L-amino acids and exactly the right amount of phosphorus and potassium to help your flowers bloom bigger and have beautiful colors.

Many professional growers rate Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer as the ultimate product for stimulating blooms. Because this product makes it possible to harvest the largest cannabis flowers.

In particular, the high-class fertilizer line from the famous brand Advanced Nutrients is completely natural and does not contain chemicals.


  • Famous brand
  • Exact NPK Rate
  • Big and heavy flowers
  • Fast action
  • High efficiency


  • The tree is easy to wither
  • Attract bugs

2. JR Peters Jacks Classic - Best For High NPK Ratio

J R Peters Jacks Classic No.1.5 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer is a synthetic fertilizer with the ideal NPK ratio (1-3-2 ratio) to help stimulate the flowering process of plants. In particular, this fertilizer helps the cannabis flowers bloom larger, beautiful with brighter colors.

Therefore, many cannabis growers prefer to choose J R Peters Jacks Classic No.1.5 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer for their gardens. Thanks to its functional performance, it also builds trust with professional growers.

For the best results, you should use one teaspoon per gallon of water and fertilize the cannabis daily during the flowering period. You should fertilize continuously for about 7-14 days.

In addition, the soil should be tested before application as J R Peters Jacks Classic No.1.5 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer is not suitable for all soil types.


  • Optimum nutrients
  • Dissolves in water quickly
  • Keep plants healthy
  • Stimulating good bloom
  • Ideal NPK Rate


  • Must check the soil
  • Not suitable for all soil types

3. ELEMENT Flower Fuel - Best For Hydroponic Growing Method

If you are looking for the best bloom stimulant for hydroponic cannabis plants, we recommend buying ELEMENT Flower Fuel 1-34-32. Professional indoor cannabis growers appreciate this nutrient because it works well on hydroponic cannabis plants.

The composition of ELEMENT Flower Fuel includes more than 40 outstanding nutrients such as amino acids, organic matter, nutrients, and vitamins that stimulate the flowering process of plants.

In particular, the nutrients in this blend have a ratio of 1-34-32, suitable for promoting the harvest of heavier cannabis flowers with high resin and essential oil content.


  • Cost-effective
  • Quick dissolving
  • Good water solubility
  • Promote efficiency quickly


  • Increases PHI
  • Less suitable for soil environment 

4. Osmocote Smart-Release - Best For Time Effectiveness

Osmocote Smart-Release is the longest effective inorganic fertilizer on plants. This fertilizer is in granules with slow solubility to be effective during 4 months of use.

As a result, this bloom booster helps you save money on nutrients but still ensures the effectiveness of stimulating the bloom and development of cannabis.

Besides, Osmocote Smart-Release not only helps to stimulate bloom but also supports root development. The fertilizer granules have a permeable plastic layer inside that contains nutrients, and water will seep through this surface to dissolve the nutrients provided to the plant.

This fertilizer is suitable for growing tents with warmer room temperatures because it helps release nutrients when the temperature changes.

In addition, with an NPK ratio of 15 -9 – 12, Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Flower & Vegetables help cannabis grow quickly with beautiful large flowers throughout the growing period.


  • Longer lasting effect
  • Stimulating good bloom
  • Specific NPK Rate
  • Flexible
  • Save


  • Affects the user’s hand skin
  • Less environmentally friendly

5. General Hydroponics GH5132 - Best For Liquid Form+

General Hydroponics GH5132 BioThrive Bloom is the best liquid organic flower stimulant fertilizer for cannabis plants. This all-natural fertilizer is safe for users and environmentally friendly.

Organic compounds contained in this product include alfalfa meal, cane sugar, copper sulfate, glacial powder, ferrous sulfate, kieserite, manganese sulfate. These nutrients are 100% natural and contribute to the flowering of the cannabis plant.

The nutrient content in General Hydroponics GH5132 BioThrive Bloom with a ratio of 2-4-4 is that this fertilizer is rich in potassium and phosphorus. As a result, it stimulates fast-blooming cannabis flowers with beautiful color and large weight.


  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good result
  • Quick dissolving


  • The price is quite high

6. Incredible Bulk Bloom Booster - Best For Small Scale

Incredible Bulk is the best powdered organic fertilizer for small growers. This product is suitable for gardens with 1-4 plants.

Therefore, Incredible Bulk is the perfect choice for beginners. It gives you the best testing conditions.

With a nutrient ratio NPK 0.1 -10-25 respectively, Incredible Bulk contains very high levels of PK. As a result, they stimulate the cannabis flowers to bloom larger and have a great scent when harvested.

If you don’t mind experimenting with new fertilizers, we recommend buying Incredible Bulk. Although it is not a well-known brand, this product has a positive effect in stimulating cannabis bloom.


  • Organic
  • Small bag
  • Suitable for small areas (1-4 plants)
  • High PK rate
  • Good result


  • New brand
  • Few reviews 

7. Dr. Earth GL61100518430 - Best For Budget

Dr. Earth GL61100518430 is the best cost-effective, powdered Bloom Booster organic fertilizer for you. From just over $ 10, you can own a package of this nutrient to stimulate the best bloom.

Dr. Earth is a professional organic fertilizer widely used in cultivation, especially cannabis cultivation. This type of fertilizer stimulates the flowering process and contributes to an increase in flower size at harvest.

At the same time, longtime organic cannabis growers appreciate Dr. Earth because it shows the effect of use quite quickly with specific manifestations on plants.

As a 100% organic product, Dr. Earth is safe for human use and eco-friendly. Therefore, you can comfortably use them to fertilize indoor plants, including areas where the family lives.

In particular, you can use each Dr. Earth 12 pounds weight to nourish, stimulate blooms for large orchards within a few months. As such, this product helps you save costs and is the best choice to optimize your budget.


  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Organic
  • Save


  • Slower effective playtime

8. King Kola Bloom Booster - Best For Performance

King Kola Powerful Bloom Booster is a powerful bloom stimulant. They provide the essential nutrients that help your cannabis plants have more blooms and blooms faster.

This product contains high levels of phosphorus and potassium. As a result, it promotes faster, easier and better budding than using only basic nutrients.

At the same time, the nitrogen, which is derived from the hemp seed, helps increase yields high at harvest.

In addition, this fertilizer contains L-form amino acids. L amino acids act as natural chelators, so your plant roots can absorb the necessary nutrients to generate energy with good capacity.

Although the cost to own King Kola Powerful Bloom Booster is quite high, with its powerful performance, we affirm that this is a worthy investment.

However, to avoid waste, you should choose this fertilizer when you have a large-scale planting garden. Each bottle of King Kola Powerful Bloom Booster has a large volume, not for small gardens.


  • Fast performance
  • Good output
  • Strong activity
  • Easy to use


  • Less environmentally friendly
  • Expensive

9. Maxicrop MCSP10.7OZ - Best For Powder Form

Maxicrop MCSP10.7OZ Soluble Seaweed Powder is the best powdered organic fertilizer that stimulates bloom growth. The raw material of this fertilizer is pure Norwegian seaweed Ascophyllum, which is 100% natural.

Therefore, this product is very environmentally friendly and safe for users.

Maxicrop MCSP10.7OZ replenishes nutrients needed during bloom and provides plant benefits from propagation to harvest.

This product is completely water-soluble and works by stimulating the growth of cells in both stems and roots. Besides, it also contains trace elements from seaweed that help activate enzymes beneficial to plants.

If you want to grow completely organic cannabis, we believe that Maxicrop MCSP10.7OZ is a perfect choice. Not only are they safe and easy to use, but they also help you produce beautiful, high-quality cannabis flower buds.


  • Quick dissolving
  • Organic
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Little variety 

10. FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient - Best For Synthetic Fertilizer

Via: Amazon.com

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula is a set of 3 products that provide the best blooming solutions for cannabis plants.

Specifically, this product helps plants more buds and increases the size and quality of flowers when harvested.

The trio of products, including Big Grow, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom, provide a diverse solution to help cannabis grow and develop at its best. This trio is the best choice for you in the process of taking care of plants, especially cannabis plants.

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula is quite soft as it is low in phosphorus. Besides the basic nutrients available in NPK, this substance also contains microorganisms and some other organic components.

Those who have used this fertilizer have rated it as a good quality bloom stimulant and recommend buying it for their cannabis garden.


  • Quite cheap
  • Diversity
  • Effective
  • Flexible


  • Not environmentally friendly 

Buying Guide For The Best Bloom Boosters

If you are a beginner in growing cannabis, you may have trouble choosing the right fertilizer for your growing garden. When buying nutrients that stimulate blooms, you need to keep a few things in mind.

1. Check the information on the label

First, you should check the information available on the product packaging. Usually, the manufacturer will print basic information such as instructions for use, dosage, frequency of use, ingredients, effectiveness, suitability for which plants are on the package.

Therefore, it is very important to check this information. Essentially, they can help you better understand the fertilizer you’re choosing and how to use it most effectively.

In particular, note the information on the composition of that fertilizer to determine if it is really good for your plants.

2. Are the products water-soluble?

Like other plants, cannabis will absorb nutrients through its roots. Therefore, you should choose bloom-stimulating fertilizers that easily dissolve in water because they bring faster results.

When buying a bloom booster, choose products with high water solubility or liquid form for easy absorption by plants.

Powdered bloom boosters take longer to absorb, have a slow effect, and be blown away by the wind. Therefore, you should also limit the use of these fertilizers.

3. Know the container yield

Each type of bloom booster will have different ingredients and effectiveness. Therefore, pay attention to the productivity and effectiveness of the product before buying to help you get the most benefits.

For example, if you buy the right high-yielding bloom booster, it will save you the effort of fertilizing and reduce the purchasing cost of nutrients.

At the same time, choose the right fertilizer for your garden area; it would help you save and bring good results.

If the garden is small, you should not use a bloom booster for large areas, which is very wasteful. In contrast, if the garden is large but a bloom booster is only suitable for a small space, it will not have the effect of stimulating your flowers to grow.

4. Know how fast it produces results

You should determine when the bloom booster comes into play and choose the product for the fastest effect.

Certainly, when using a bloom stimulant, you are looking forward to seeing its effects on your plants soon. Most people also often prefer products that give quick results.

You have to spend extra on nutrients; choose the bloom boosters that work fast to be effective and worth your investment.

As such, the four basic factors above are the things you need to keep in mind when choosing bloom-stimulating nutrients for your cannabis garden.


In addition, we have compiled some common questions on nutrients that stimulate the flowering stage in cannabis plants. If you are a beginner growing this plant, we believe this information is useful to you.

When should I use bloom boosters?

The time to start fertilizing plants to stimulate bloom is also very important. Because if you fertilize too early, it is both wasteful and difficult for plants to sprout immediately. On the contrary, too late fertilization can reduce yield and flower quality.

You should start using a bloom booster when the plant is ready to bud, specifically when you notice bright, green tassels near the stem. Fertilize bloom booster at this time to help stimulate the best flower development.

How do you make a bloom booster at home?

You want to make your bloom boosters to save money and always be ready to use when needed but don’t know how to do it. 

The way to make your bloom boosters at home is very simple.

You can use the method of composting and vermicomposting and then fertilizing your cannabis garden. Note, let the worms eat a lot of fruit, vegetable scraps, eggshells, banana peels when brewing to create the best flower-stimulating fertilizer at home.

Are bloom boosters worth it?

Worth it! Are you also wondering if there are cases where bloom boosters don’t work?

In fact, if the growing medium is rich in nutrients, especially the soil rich in phosphorus and potassium, bloom boosters will not work on your plants, and fertilizing them is not necessary.

However, at the flowering stage, most soil media are lacking in nutrients. Therefore, you should use bloom boosters to add Potassium and Phosphorus to stimulate flowering cannabis plants.

How often should I use bloom boosters?

Besides, the time between two uses or how often you should use a bloom booster is an important issue. The frequency of use will depend on the type of nutrient you choose.

Normally, for best results, you should use a bloom booster every 1-2 weeks (7-14 day cycle) during the plant’s flowering period. This way, your cannabis flowers will be large, beautiful, and of good quality when harvested.

How long does it take for a bloom booster to work?

It is also a matter of concern to many growers how long it takes for bloom boosters to start working.

In fact, most of these bloom boosters work right away. However, some organic fertilizers will take longer to work.

The specific manifestation is that your cannabis flowers are getting bigger and bigger and taking on a beautiful appearance. In particular, you will notice the bloom booster activity in cannabis plants grown in containers or window boxes.


Fertilizers that stimulate blooms are important in the process of growing cannabis. They will directly affect flower quality and yield at harvest.

Hopefully, with our top 10 best bloom boosters reviews, you will choose the best product for your cannabis garden. We wish that you will harvest the best, best quality cannabis flowers. 

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