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Best Cloning Machines of 2021 [Top 7 Picks]

Planting with a cloning machine helps to speed up the development stage of your cultivation. The question would be, what is the best cloning machine

This article will come up with the seven best choices among professional gardeners. You will find these cloning machines advantageous for a variety of reasons. Beautifying your garden, cultivating healthy plants, and maintaining a nourished crop are just a few of them.

Now, it’s time to learn more about the cloning machine picks!

The 7 Best Cloning Machines To Buy In 2021

Now, we need to discuss each cloning machine in detail. Each product has its own set of advantages. Take careful notes, so you don’t miss anything.

1. CLONE KING 36 Aeroponic - Best For Overall

This product contains all of the necessary components at a reasonable price, making it a popular choice among customers. 

CLONE KING’s entire kit includes 36 planting spots, a reservoir that can change color, a cover, a spray nozzle with misters, a submerged pump, and inserts. The set includes everything you need to get started growing your crops. All you have to do now is offer sufficient light.

This device offers 13 spray heads to ensure complete coverage of the plants. The purchase also includes some directions for using, helping you take care of your plants at ease. 

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll obtain an identical result with each set of plants you put into the cloning machine.

You can place your plants in mid-air with the continuous oxygenated mist. The mist also goes with nutrition to provide an optimal condition for your plants.

This machine simply needs thirty minutes to put all the necessary ingredients together, and then you’re ready to go.

Clone King wants to highlight how simple their technology can operate. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this device is virtually wholly self-contained.

The plants’ roots will grow beautifully within 10 to 14days. After that time, you can move your plants into a more robust growing medium.

The biggest problem with this cloning machine is its temperature control. Mostly, the device remains at a temperature of 80°F. The plant roots will suffer from this temperature range. After a long time, the roots may get burned.

To fix the problem, you should plant your crops in a cooler environment.   


  • High success rate
  • Maximum coverage with 13 spray heads
  • All-in-one product


  • Release more heat

2. OxyClone OX20SYS - Best For Leaking Concerns

OxyClone is one of the most popular products on the market. It comes with all of the features you’ll need. Because the machine performs well in most settings, it has earned good feedback from consumers.

Growers benefit from the compact size of the cloning machine because it takes up little room. However, you can still have 20 cloning sites, so no worries about the lack of space for your crop. You may clone your favorite plants all year if you have a little extra room around your house.

BPA-free plastic, which makes it long-lasting. Moreover, installing the Active Aqua pump ensures that the cloning process is as oxygenated as possible.

There is a diffuser in the system, allowing dissolved oxygen to travel. This feature will support healthy root development. The machine also contains non-toxic foam inserts to keep cuttings in place during the root growth. 

For a smooth experience, OxyClone has handled both the clogging and leaking concerns. It features a submersible pump that guarantees the planter to achieve the target output. 

If you need to identify the downside of the product, it would be the pump. This part elevates the temperature of the water by ten degrees, which may be unpleasant for your plant development. It also may irritate buyers because maintaining a steady temperature is challenging. 

You’ll also need to do regular maintenance to avoid corruption. If not, your machine will perform worse, resulting in poor development for your plant.


  • Non-toxic foam inserts
  • Compact size
  • Long-lasting material
  • Good anti-leaking system


  • The temperature increased by the pump
  • Regular maintenance needed

3. TurboKlone T24D - Best For Disease Prevention

This choice may appear to be a simple device. Nevertheless, it provides the important features to give a powerful performance.

The TurboKlone T24D moisture dome can accommodate up to 24 seedlings. This dome aims to minimize leaf transpiration and the transplant’s initial stress. Some planters don’t opt for the humidity dome. It’s fine to remove the dome from the system. 

The pump that comes with your product submerges fully in water and supplies your cuttings with a clean, steady spray of oxygen and water. 

A fan is also included in the set, which maintains the entire system cool while it runs. 

Overheating might ruin your plants as well as the entire device. The fan also helps the plants have the proper quantity of oxygen they need for blossoming.

Many growers love this option because it’s simple to clean. Once the seedlings grow big enough and you need to move your plants into the soil, you can take advantage of this rounded, smooth design.

The majority of clone machines have straight lines that look like storage boxes. The TurboKlone, on the other hand, features elegant, rounded edges and curved sidewalls that increase its strength and resolve to internal and external pressures.

This machine grows your plants in the aeroponic system. Instead of immersing the foot of your plants in total water, oxygenated fertilizers and water contribute significantly to your plant’s development.

However, the outcomes of this cloning machine are pretty uneven. Some difficulties arise due to the cloner’s effectiveness and the fact that it fails to develop every single plant effectively. 

Some planters complain about the fragile material, which results in either poor construction or plant development restriction. All of these issues indicate that TurboKlone’s product quality isn’t as stable as it should be.


  • Easy to clear
  • Prevention from disease, bacteria, and pests
  • Cooling fan equipped
  • Humidity dome to avoid transplant’s initial stress


  • Unstable performance

4. HORTIPOTS Cloning Machine - Best For Coverage

Because of characteristics like the BPA-free design and humidity dome, the HORTIPOTS Cloner Machine is also an excellent alternative. It has the potential to compete with top brands. You’ll be sure to accomplish that goal you want, which will lead to a good reaction from most farmers.

It gives a high rate of effectiveness. The result will come in 4 to 10 days. The instructions are straightforward, making it user-friendly. 

The set includes all of the necessary components, eliminating the need for more purchases. The humidity dome is an outstanding component. It has a simple folding structure that makes it ideal for arid settings.

The HORTIPOTS Cloning Machine helps to reduce leaf transpiration while also minimizing the shock of transplanting.

Additionally, there are many cord outlets to provide optimum coverage. Hence, the machine can eliminate the need for an air pump.

This clone machine pump works with a pre-filter housing to ensure that the spray bottles are clean. The feature also helps avoid clogging while cloning aeroponically.

The spray manifold in the set allows you to use less water without affecting your overall performance. It makes things simpler to regulate the temperature within safe ranges because it employs a smaller pump.

One disadvantage of the HORTIPOTS Cloner Machine is the lack of rooting gels. Hence, you have to pay extra costs for the gel. 

Another concern is the pump. Sometimes it doesn’t work well, preventing you from receiving the best results.


  • Reduction on leaf transpiration and shock of transplanting
  • Spray manifold equipped
  • Pumping free
  • Folding dome 


  • Lack of rooting gels
  • Problems with the pump

5. DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro - Best With Grow Sites

This product offers the highest number of sites on the list, with 70 sites per set. You can clone up to 70 plants at once. It’s a good choice among greenhouse and nursery owners and producers who cultivate indoors year-round.

You can definitely get a less costly version if you don’t want to raise 70 plants at once. 

The package can promote the germination of your plant cuttings. It accelerates the cloning process more than its competitor. 

A humidity dome is also available in the purchase. Once your cuttings have begun to form roots, you can put this foldable attachment away. It will protect the plants from being strained as a result of the transplant. The feature will also keep your plants moisturized as they begin to develop.

Within four days, cuttings begin to root. And after ten days, you may start to transplant them.

Consumers have stated that utilizing this equipment has yielded reliable results. The kit includes a handbook with helpful hints and simple instructions, making it the ideal alternative for beginners.

Without using the air pump, the air circulation enables heated air to escape the container and fresh air to sprinkle over your plants. The water pump can agitate the bubbles without overheating the water. 

All of the materials are BPA-free and suitable for packaging food. The only thing you’ll need is the appropriate light source.

Psycloner gives you an excellent clone machine with every crucial part included. The price appears to be a little higher than its competitor in the list with such high quality.


  • Most grow sites
  • Quick and effective results
  • High-quality material
  • Multiple sizes


  • Maybe pricey

6. Viagrow VCLN24 - Best For Temperature Control

The Viagrow Clone Machine has many attractive features, making it a worthwhile purchase for most planters. You can rely on a fantastic performance that has earned largely positive feedback.

The neoprene collars come in various hues, making it simple to distinguish between the various plants. As a consequence, you’ll be able to cater to a wide range of plants at the same time while maintaining a satisfying experience. 

The misters and manifolds that come with the machine also help to keep the trimmings in good condition.

To avoid blockage, the pump features an inbuilt filter. As a result, you can keep the air and water temperatures stable and create ideal circumstances for the roots to grow quickly. Viagrow includes two extra misters and neoprene collars as an extra benefit, enabling you to work continuously.

The machine includes a 24-site lid that offers it a lot of versatility. Besides, the 360-degree misters offer you comprehensive coverage. 

Finally, it contains a no-lead wired connection and an air pipe. Hence, you may use an air pump and stone to supply oxygen.

Unfortunately, planters feel uncomfortable with the top cover. They find it hard to close the lid properly. As a result, it’s likely to have an impact on overall performance. 


  • 360-degree misters
  • A 24-site lid
  • Inbuilt filter in the pump


  • Improper top cover

7. EZ Clone EZCL Cloning System - Best For Big Plants

The EZ Clone heavy-duty cloner is the best-selling item due to its efficient performance. 

The machine takes exceptional care of the seedlings’ roots by applying an aeroponic technique. When correctly applied, you’ll observe a big change in the development of your roots. They’ll be fully mature in just 5 to 10 days!

Additionally, EZ Clone is an excellent clone machine that can assist the planter in controlling the water and air pressures.

The manufacturer has decreased the total height of the EZ cloning machine to save space for the structural integrity of the reservoir and lid. Even with a smaller size, this cloning machine still features excellent misting technology as the larger systems.

EZ product requires very little maintenance and depends on a plug to provide electricity to keep the plant roots thoroughly nourished and nutrient-dense.

Thanks to the spacious room available, this system can also manage larger and faster-growing crops with longer roots.

Among the benefits, the fitting lid appears to be annoying. Sometimes the lid’s too tight to fit the container properly.

The lid size is essential since it determines airflow adjustment around the seedlings. Also, when the lid fits the container perfectly, there is no way for germs or fungus to enter your plants.

The bucket’s contents are typical and easy to find out when you need to change them. You can even reuse the machine.

However, because they’re not bacteria-proof, mold may grow on or within them after only a single-use.

This device features a humidity dome. The dome is removable, so you don’t have to use it. 


  • Little maintenance required
  • Suitable for big plants
  • Efficient performance for a vast root development 


  • The lid is too tight

Buying Guide For The Best Cloning Machine

Cloning machines are quick and easy to set up. After you’ve prepared both the machine and plants, the procedure is entirely self-contained. All you need to do now is wait for the roots to form and the plant to grow.

There are some factors you should consider for buying a clone machine.

1. Cloning system

There are two different types of plant cultivation: aeroponic and hydroponic.

The aeroponic method converts the nutrition into the oxygenated solution. Then, the roots will absorb the mixture to grow up. This technique is also non-messy and minimizes the possibility of bacterial or fungal contamination.

In comparison to a hydroponic method, the aeroponic cloner is simpler to maintain.

On the other hand, the hydroponic method necessities a reservoir of water. The water filled with nutrition can raise the plant.

This method may take longer. It’s a more complicated solution to keep clean since there’s a higher chance of algae, bacteria, and fungus growing on the water’s surface.

2. Sites

The separate sites are where you place your plants. You have to place them tightly with no room to maneuver. Otherwise, they will drown in the water.

The size of the plant site will decide how many plant seedlings you can safely put inside. The sites may not be suitable to grow an adult plant. However, some big sites can handle flowers.

The spacing between the sites is also significant. If the sites are too close, your plants will crumble from the strain of rubbing against one other.

3. Bucket

A large bucket offers you tons of benefits. You can grow more plants with a larger space. Moreover, your plants can be bigger in such large buckets. The small buckets, though, may make your transplant process inconvenient.

With the deep buckets, the roots can grow even more. Roots always need big spaces to develop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding cloning machines and how to deal with them for your plant cultivation. We hope that these answers are beneficial to you too.

What is the best type of water to use in an aeroponic cloning method?

Tap water is suitable for the efficient functioning of the aeroponic cloner.

What pH level should the reservoir water be at?

The optimal pH of reservoir water is from 5.5 to 6.5. Farmers using aeroponic cloners should constantly monitor the machine’s level to ensure that the pH level doesn’t rise or fall below the optimal range.

What is the best way to utilize the Neotype inserts?

Before using the neotype insert, ensure it is clean. When cloning, you should grab a new neotype to avoid illnesses, bugs, and germs.

How much lighting is necessary for cloning?

The lighting cycle for the cloning mechanism should be eighteen hours on and six hours off. As the roots grow, you should lower the light progressively.

What can I do with a cloning machine that is overheating?

It would be best to install coolers, fans, or even an air conditioner to lower the temperature. Setting a timer to determine when to switch the cloner off and on is another simple trick.


Buying a suitable clone machine can save lots of time and effort. Yet, you need to pay a little attention to choosing the most suitable one. Remember to check the product’s features carefully before deciding. Hopefully, you will have the best cultivation with the most fantastic machine.

If you need any further information regarding the best cloning machine, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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