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Best Nutrients For Cannabis: Top 10 Best Nutrient Line Of 2021

Top 10 Best Nutrient Line For Cannabis Reviews

1. Dyna-Gro - Best For Poor Soil

Dyna-Gro package contains cannabis nutes that will delight even the most experienced marijuana gardener. You’ll discover two fertilizers in the box that will help your crops flourish through all stages of development.

The Dyna-Gro product works best in the vegetative stage. Its composition contains 16 minerals and vitamins that are essential for overall health. Moreover, the nutrient has a low amount of dissolved salts, so you won’t have any issues in utilizing it.

Simply mix the proper recipe to the required concentration with Dyna-Gro. Then, you would be sure that all micro and macronutrients are available in the correct ratios.

The high phosphorus solution for this excellent vitamin comes with six different macronutrients. The design is perfect for the growth of brilliant blooms because of this attribute. It’s also a wise option to use it before the plant buds emerge.

For rocky and poor soils, Dyna-Gro products are excellent. They’ll fertilize the soil and feed the nutrients to the plants they need to flourish. Furthermore, this organic cannabis nutrition line will enhance the quality, size, and yield per plant.


  • Two high-quality nutrients in a set
  • Best for rocky and poor soil
  • Low amount of dissolved salts


  • Small containers

2. General Hydroponics - Best For Nutrients

General Hydroponics has over 40-year experience in manufacturing high-quality fertilizers. Manufacturers aim to bring the finest farming solutions while also improving key production processes for their clients.

General Hydroponics Go Box contains eight natural nutrients and vitamins. The company has combined high-quality components with innovative, effective growing methods. 

Furthermore, thanks to the fantastic Go Box Starter Kit, beginners can offer expert care and maintenance to their crops.

You’ll discover particular solutions for various uses inside this package. Although each of the nutrients might aid you in reaching your goals, ensure that you follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

There are eight nutrients included in the package. You can determine if you want to focus on root, stem, bloom, or bud development. The General Hydroponics Go Box can serve your needs.

Bio Marine is the brand’s most remarkable product. It comes from dissolved fish protein, which fertilizes the soil and encourages plant development. You can utilize the product for your plant from its seeding to the harvest stage. 


  • Eight effective nutrients
  • High quality in terms of vitamins, humates, and minerals
  • Suitable for every part and stage of your plant


  • The box comes from low-quality material

3. Fox Farm - Best For Overall

FoxFarm products come in a set of three cans and will fix all of your gardening issues. The Fox Farm firm understands how to please its consumers and assist them in overcoming any challenges. Its products are well-known for their excellent efficiency and quality.

The package contains three fantastic nutrients that may far surpass your expectations. To achieve the remarkable effects, all you have to do is plan the nutrition plan.

You also need to keep in mind that you have to stick to a precise method if you want to utilize the nutrients properly.

The first nutrient solution ensures explosive marijuana growth. Remember that it’s best to give young plants a few days after they settle in the soil. After this period, you may start giving this nutrient to your plants when watering them.

The second solution is an extra-potent fertilizer for the blooming stage. This excellent product can deal with a low pH. 

The third one is suitable for all stages in your plant’s life cycle. It can both repair and improve the nutrient cycling of the root systems. Furthermore, the solution has an organic biologically living mix to protect your plants.


  • Three powerful nutrients
  • Suitable for every stage of the plants
  • 100% protection


  • Maybe costly

4. Advanced Nutrients - Best For pH

You can quickly identify necessary fertilizers for any purpose within the Advanced Nutrients line. 

The pH Perfect series offers excellent essential nutrients for plants while also controlling acidity. It includes fulvic acid and a robust non-ionic surfactant to ensure complete nutrient absorption for your plants.

A complete set consists of Micro, Grow, and Bloom bottles. You need to choose the right product for each stage of your plant since a specific bottle can’t serve all purposes. 

To achieve the optimal pH level, just combine all substances with water in the proportions recommended. Because the volume of each product is directly proportional to the condition of your soil, this method helps to acquire the most efficient tool.

The product’s strong chelation ensures that every nutrient is more accessible to your plants’ strong roots. 

This product is ideal for pH balance. The flawless pH technology calibrates and adjusts the PH for your crop. As a result, you’ll never need to use pH meters or unpleasant PH-adjusting substances again.


  • Individual mix
  • Accurate nutrient ratios
  • pH adjustment


  • You need to conduct some tests to find out the proper formula for clones

5. Botanicare - Best For Brand

Any marijuana farmer wants to keep their plants healthy and produce a large crop. Luckily, with Botanicare’s assistance, even a beginner may achieve this goal.

In 1996, the firm introduced its first goods. Its nutrition quickly attracted a large number of farmers. Botanicare is continuously attempting to enhance its products and technology for its clients. 

The manufacturers improve and create formulas to ensure that its nutrients are both productive and environmentally acceptable. These improvements make Botanicare one of the most renowned brands in the hydroponic farming industry.

CNS17 is the best line of the brand. This sample also appears to be the most popular choice for gardeners who want a plentiful harvest.

The concentrated nutrient in this product ensures optimal results. It contains 17 critical elements for the development and protection of your crops. CNS17 also boosts the root expansion and minimizes internode spacing.

One big plus for Botanicare is its environmental friendliness. You don’t have to worry about causing damage to the earth while applying it to your plants.

Aside from the vast benefits, there is also one concern. Because the brand has earned its reputation in the gardening industry, its products can be a little higher than the other choices.


  • Brand reputation
  • Concentrated nutrients
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Maybe pricey

6. Blue Planet Nutrients - Best For Hydroponics

Blue Planet Nutrition’s three-part cannabis nutrients solution is all you need to cultivate excellent weed successfully.

The Elite Series is designed mainly for the required nutrients for cannabis. It can assist you in growing the most buds for the most incredible yields you’ve ever seen.

This fertilizer package is inexpensive. It comes in a three-gallon box package.

Blue Planet helps achieve your goals by acting as their own supplier, removing the need to employ a middleman when buying their nutrients.

You’ll see fully customized charts with the specific ratios for each of the three base nutrients on the label. All of them are customizable for each stage of development.

The product can aid in the production of more remarkable clones and promote growth in mother plants. It also assists in the generation of more blossoms and tastier fruits.

This supplement is the most acceptable alternative because most marijuana cultivated inside is hydroponics. It performs excellently in all types of soilless cultivation setups. 

The solution provides amino acids, enzymes, and some other types of micronutrients. All of these substances are instantly accessible to weed roots, providing immediate nutrition to the plants.


  • Micronutrients available
  • No chemicals included
  • Entirely customizable
  • No middleman


  • Unpleasant smell

7. Humboldts Secret - All-In-One Choice

Humboldts Secret Starter Kit comes with six bottles for different uses. From 125 to 150 liters of high-quality nutrition solutions are available in the whole set. They aid in the correct care and feeding of potting soil for both outdoor and indoor plants.

A primary ground bait requires two tools. These two bases are high in magnesium, potassium, and nitrogen, essential nutrients for your crops.

Another bottle is the Golden Tree. This product is in charge of activating life processes that contain minerals, amino acids, and algae to boost plant quality. You can even use the product to save your dying plant.

Besides, the set offers plant enzymes. These chemicals may contribute to the soil quality, devastating roots and eliminating plant infections.

If you want to boost bud formation, go for the Flower Stacker in the kit. This product can help increase your crop yield up to 30%.

This kit is ideal for use in a variety of growth media. Humboldts Secret Starter Kit will benefit your crops whether you plant in sand, hydroponics, or coco mix.


  • Suitable for all medium
  • Ability to save dying crops
  • Various options for nutrient plans
  • Bud promotion


  • No pesticides included

8. SUPERthrive - Best For Long-Term Use

SUPERthrive solution is the original plant nutrient supplement with supplements from kelp. Its nutrient is a perfect choice if you’re seeking a way to energize your marijuana plants! This product is a highly concentrated, non-toxic vitamin mix designed to help your crops develop from seedlings to harvest.

SUPERthrive is widely advisable for both homeowners and experts owing to its outstanding results. It builds a robust root system rapidly and minimizes transplant shock. 

The liquid also rehydrates the soil and enhances the natural foundations that allow marijuana plants to thrive in perfect situations.

The solution can both rescue dying plants and encourage good plants. It’s a tried-and-true product for keeping firm, green turf, and a high yield.

SUPERthrive is an excellent product for cultivating various plants, such as those that require foliar spraying or hydroponics. 

It offers a lot of benefits for your cannabis plants. The most significant of which is that it enhances the quantity and quality of the crop.


  • Ability to build a strong root system
  • Suitable for both good and dying plants
  • Practical with a few drops


  • Maybe complex to employ

9. Emerald Harvest - Most Simple To Use

Emerald Harvest nutrient is a fertilizer combo package that includes Emerald Harvest’s Micro, Grow, and Bloom fertilizers. 

Emerald Harvest sets itself apart by providing minimum dose guidelines and encouraging you to determine the perfect combination for your setup.

The most popular reason for buying Emerald Harvest is its simplicity in use. You indeed find the pouring spout helpful while applying the solution to your plants. It’s surprising how many firms overlook the pour spout, which you likely use the most. 

You may be confused as to why so many supplements appear to have a built-in drip glass function. In this case, Emerald Harvest stands out. Drips and spills are not as common as they are with other manufacturers.

The additional N, P, and K in the bottles boost plant potency and production, allowing more blossoming and growth. Emerald Harvest also includes natural sources of carbohydrates, including agave nectar and palm sugar. 

The solution also helps in pH adjustment. You don’t need to worry about the pH balance in the soil.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent packing
  • Good results
  • pH adjustment


  • Not organic solution

10. Roots Organics - Best Organic Choice

Via: Amazon.com

The Roots Organics only utilize the most outstanding organic elements. It offers the perfect mixer of pumice and perlite to provide proper drainage for your crops.

The potting soil provided in this product is ready to use right away. It promotes more potent plants with better yields.

Some fertilizers appear to be too hot for your crops and may kill them. If this matter annoys you, go for the Roots Organics. This product received positive feedback for not burning the plants.

Roots Organics is lightweight, making it simple to handle and reducing the weight of the pots.

Roots Organics is entirely free of debris. It also offers a healthy, rich soil that’s ideal for blooming, houseplants, and fruiting.

It would be ideal if you combine the Uprising Bloom and Uprising Grow lines of the brand during the vegetative stage of your plants. If possible, add some Uprising Foundation for the best result.


  • Lightweight
  • Free of debris
  • Perfect mixer for better drainage
  • No plant burning


  • Maybe expensive

Buying Guide For The Best Nutrients For Cannabis

Your marijuana plant requires suitable nutrients to grow. Here are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing fertilizers for your plants.

1. NPK ratio

Cannabis growth depends on three macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. For the whole marijuana lifetime, you need to add NPK essential nutrients in different proportions.

2. Best nutrients

Cannabis requires certain nutrients to develop and generate more excellent production of buds. Plants require a vast number of macronutrients, as well as trace quantities of secondary minerals and micronutrients. 

Your weed needs around 20 vital nutrients to sprout, grow, bloom, and release seeds.

3. Feeding plan

The volume of fertilizer you give your plants is usually contingent on their size and growth stage. You may add nutrients to the water before giving it to the plants, resulting in a more balanced nutritional content.

You should only feed your plants when your plants seem to lack nutrients. 

Whether you’re cultivating cannabis indoors or outdoors, the feeding schedule varies. If you’re growing the plants outside, you’ll need to give them extra nutrients as they get bigger. 

On the other hand, if the plants are inside, they have a grow-light installation, reducing the number of fertilizers needed.

4. Synthetic vs. organic nutrients

You need to choose between synthetic and organic nutrients.

Synthetic nutrients frequently produce fast results. They work rapidly, allowing your plants to develop quickly and powerfully. They are the answer to increasing agricultural productivity in a short period.

Organic nutrients, on the other hand, are all-natural and have no harmful effect on the environment. When it comes to soil planting, organic nutrients are the best choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know when it comes to cannabis nutrients?

You need to properly understand what marijuana plants need, as well as how they acquire nutrients. You can decide which items to purchase without wasting so much money once you have this information at hand.

Is it necessary to use fertilizers every time I water the plants?

Some fertilizers can go with every watering. However, some products can only come with water once a week. 

To know how frequently to fertilize, you always refer to the nutrient instructions given by the fertilizer manufacturer. Keep records of your nutrient intake to avoid nutrient shortages or surpluses that might destroy your plants.

What should I choose between organic and inorganic nutrients?

Both approaches have their upsides and downsides. Organic fertilizers are usually preferable for home gardening since they do not damage crops even if applied improperly.

Is it best to cultivate marijuana plants in soil?

The soil is a better growth medium for beginners than other options since it is simpler to handle. If you want your crops to thrive, you should use excellent potting soil rather than regular garden soil.

How can you tell if you have a nutritional problem with cannabis?

You may often spot symptoms of nutrient shortages from your plant’s appearance with your experience or a nutrient deficiencies guideline. It’s usually harder to solve nutritional problems than it is to avoid them.


Growing marijuana, like any other plant, necessitates careful attention to the nutrient content. Once you choose the right product for your cultivation, you will indeed have an excellent yield.

Hopefully, you will have a healthy crop. If you need any further information about the best nutrient brands for cannabis, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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