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Best pH Test Strips : Our Top 10 Picks For 2021

The 10 Best pH Meter Reviews In 2021

1. Just Fitter pH - Best For Simplicity

Regarding producing high-quality and reliable findings, pH test strip may be extremely sensitive. Yet, the Just Fitter pH Strips don’t disappoint users that way.

This pH test strip is thought to be quick and straightforward to use. You can use the strips easily at home. All you have to do is obey the directions when measuring the pH values.

When it comes to identifying and assessing reliable testing pH values, the Just Fitter pH testing strips are particularly sensitive. You can receive accurate and exact findings in around fifteen seconds after doing the measurements with these strips.

Different pH strips are necessary for various reasons, which is a common occurrence. On the other hand, these pH measuring strips may work for a variety of assays at a time.


  • Precise results
  • Simplicity
  • Quick response


  • The color scheme is difficult to comprehend

2. VARIFY Premium - Most Test Kits Included

The VARIFY Premium comes with 100 test strips and two bacterial tests that you can completely do at home. Each of the test strips has 16 pads to screen for toxins. 

The brand presently has the most parameters available on the market. VARIFY 17-parameter kit includes all of the major pollutants to be concerned about.

These strips require one minute to analyze and test for copper, lead, iron, fluoride, and other contaminants. It can also tell you the hardness and pH of your water.

Unfortunately, some users reported that the results sometimes were not accurate. They need to test two or three times for the best outcome possible.

Some consumers choose this option because they want to help others. The firm has claimed to donate a portion of its revenue to its brand partner, Water For Good. This group is a non-profit organization that works to alleviate water shortage.


  • 17-in-one test tool
  • Customer care
  • Pollutants detected
  • Meaningful actions


  • Inaccurate results

3. Watersafe 10-in-1 - Best For Detecting Contaminants

Watersafe 10-in-1 Test Kit is ideal for those who get their water from underground sources. It checks for a variety of minerals, metals, microorganisms, and potentially hazardous compounds.

This test kit helps check for heavy metals such as lead, iron, and copper in your water. It also correctly identifies whether your water has harmful amounts of nitrates.

Each kit includes ten tests that you may use to determine the state of the water. Each one is straightforward to do and comes with clear instructions.

You can also determine if the water is base or acidic. If you want to use freshwater, alkalizing it is the best method because it has more minerals and antioxidants. This strip can also assist you in determining whether or not the filtrations are operational.

The Watersafe Test Kit’s major drawback is that the bacterial test lasts for 48 hours. It’s impossible to know if it’s running until the process is complete. The remainder of the tests may take no more than 10 minutes. So, it seems like more of an annoyance than a problem.


  • Checks for various contaminants
  • Multiple tests
  • Detailed instructions
  • Sensitive kit


  • The bacteria test needs two days to complete

4. Invigorated Water Perfect - Best For Budget

One of the most affordable pH test kits available is Invigorated Water pH Perfect test kit. 

When buying the kit, you will get test strips similar in functionality to other products. The most outstanding feature of the kit is its set of bottles.

The Invigorated kit comes with three 10ml bottles of solution, which is a great deal. Just a few drops of pH PERFECT is enough to test pH values of saliva or water, making the 3-pack kit extremely long-lasting.

Almost all buyers considered the Invigorated pH test kit to be quite user-friendly. Simply drop a few drops into around 50ml of water, and the water will change a different color based on its alkalinity or acidity. 

They also think that the pH test kit is simple to set up. The pack includes a pH color chart along with the meter sitting on the back of the package.

Some users like to choose Invigorated Water pH Perfect Test Kit because of its customer service. The brand is so confident in its test kit’s ability. They say that their products can rapidly and precisely determine the pH level of the water. If not, they will offer a refund or exchange guarantee.


  • Test solutions provided
  • Affordable
  • Customer service


  • The seal isn’t tight enough. You need to keep the bottle upright

5. Med Diagnostics - Best For Urine & Saliva

The pH test strip from Med Diagnostics can test urine as well as saliva. These pH tester strips can effectively measure between 4.5 and 9.0 in the pH scale.

The Med Diagnostics can provide findings within fifteen seconds. Double-checking the results is not essential with the body pH strip because they are pretty accurate.

Typically, most test strips can only work with a simple test. However, this test strip handles two tests. It can check the pH values of both urine as well as saliva. This feature makes it highly cost-effective and reasonable.

The inclusion of this attribute aids you in analyzing test findings after you’ve done the measurement. You can compare the coloration in the pH testing strips to that in color chart in terms of the color changes.

There are 200 strips included in a box. They may stick together sometimes. So make sure you just use one piece for a single test. Your product can help you with more measurements then.


  • Dual measurement
  • Color chart available
  • Accurate results


  • Strips stick with others sometimes.
  • Narrow pH range

6. HealthyWiser pH - Best For Accuracy

HealthyWiser pH strips offer a comprehensive application on water, soil, urine, saliva, alkaline diet, and aquariums. They also provide a 24-month shelf life.

The quality of the tester is 100% lab grade. The company has confirmed their satisfactory results in measuring pH levels in your samples.

Since the product comes with the accuracy lab examined and approved, you don’t need to worry about its performance.

Each pack includes up to 100 test strips. All of them are sensitive. Hence, you can have enough testers for every piece of the target sample. Moreover, the strips cover a broad pH range from 4.5 to 9.0. It means that the accurate results are certain. 

It’s also one of the test strips with the fastest speed, at 15 seconds. You don’t need to wait for too long for the values.

The company also provides excellent customer care. If you find their products worthless, you can receive a 100% refund.


  • Full refund
  • Quick and reliable results
  • Good customer support


  • Sometimes the printed color bar doesn’t match the actual color

7. General Hydroponics H722145 - All-In-One Combo

This kit is excellent for anybody who wishes to simplify their hydroculture gardening, from beginners to experts.

This product isn’t simply an indicator. Often, it comes with a test tube, reagent, a test vial, and a color card.

pH testing is simple with General Hydroponics pH Test Kits. You just need to fill the test tube half with nutrients. Then, add some drops of pH Test Indicator after that. Then, look at the fluid color in the test vial to figure out its pH level.

The pH level of your fertilizers ought to be a little acidic to optimize plant development. The optimal pH for most plants, according to experienced farmers, is somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5. 

Because the formulations of General Hydroponics fertilizer products are pH balanced, users generally have little difficulty keeping the correct pH range for their crops.

Often, customers buy the General Hydroponics pH tester in a full combo. You can get the “Up” and “Down” pH formulas to adjust the pH level. If the liquid is green when you test, add some “Up” until it becomes red. On the other hand, decrease some “Down” if the liquid is pink.


  • All-in-one combo
  • pH formula
  • Best for adjusting the pH level in the soil


  • Only work with cultivation

8. JNW Direct Pool and Spa - Best For Pools And Spa

pH test strip from this brand can check the pH values in urine as well as saliva. About pH values testing, it aids in detecting and quantifying alkalinity and acidity in the said samples.

The JNW Tests Strips appear convenient and straightforward to use, which appeals to the JNW testing strips to the customers.

There are 150 test strips in a box of JNW pH levels test strips. The feature demonstrates which you can use the strips around 150 times until they are over. 

The product offers a mobile app for every user. With a simple installation process, this software is accessible for both iOS and Android. You can easily record, keep track, and monitor the test results.

The package includes tests for pH, chlorine, and bromine, among other factors. This product, therefore, is the best option for a pool or spa test.


  • Multi-task
  • Good records and monitoring
  • Convenient and simple to use


  • A few complaints about the accuracy

9. LabRat Supplies Plastic - Best For Overall

LabRat Supplies Plastic pH Strips are ideal for determining soap, water, and kombucha quality. Of course, you may use it for anything else whose pH you’d like to know. Some people use the tester to measure the pH level in pools and hot tubs. They still work well.

It may also work with soap and animal urine. Because the tester comes with 100 plastic pH strips, you’ll can use it for months. Moreover, many users have endorsed them since they are simple to use and read.

The pH range covered by LabRat test strip is 0 to 14, with 1pH increments. When it comes into contact with the solution, the strips change their color depending upon pH. After that, you must compare it to the chart on the cover. 

These test strips are for lab and diagnostic-grade examination. Many users opt for these products for this reason. As a result, if you choose these strips, you will receive the most value for money.


  • Full range of pH
  • Accurate results
  • Diverse application


  • The container is a little complex to open

10. Garden Tutor Soil pH Test - Best For Soil

Via: Amazon.com

Garden Tutor pH test strip is best suitable for soil analysis, especially a slurry consisting of equal soil and filtered water. 

They can’t bring the ideal result when testing the pH of saliva, urine, water, spas, pools, or any other solutions. Cleansers, acids, meals, drinks, and soaps, as well as caustics, are not their targets.

If you use this pH test strip to check anything other than soil, you will not receive reliable results.

When preparing your soil-water mixture, it’s ideal to use filtered water. You don’t need to use distilled water, but extremely hard or soft water might harm the pH test strip findings.

Allow the soil-water mixture to sit for at least 20 minutes after you’ve made it. You should also leave the mixture to settle for some hours before evaluating for the best results. Then, shortly before testing, mix the solution one more time.

The color chart may differ somewhat from the actual colors on the test strips. The Garden Tutor offers multiple color tones for easier comparison.


  • Detailed manual
  • Accurate results for soil pH level
  • Optimal for most plants
  • Wide color range


  • Only suitable for soil testing.
  • The process takes some time and is complex

Buying Guide For The Best pH Test Strips

By conducting comprehensive research, you can ensure that you obtain the most authentic pH test strip. They will provide reliable analysis once you have completed a series of tests.

Some people may think that surveys are time-consuming. There are, nevertheless, some tips that might help you make a decision when buying test strip to check pH levels.

The following are some tips to consider while shopping for the perfect pH test strip:

1. Usability

About purchasing a pH test strip, usability is a crucial concern. You have to utilize a product correctly to appreciate it truly.

This feature also relates to pH strips. If you may not use the strip or find them tricky, it is better not to purchase another.

2. Accuracy

When you’ve confirmed that you could use the pH test strip, you’ll need to ensure that the pH test strip you’re considering is excellent in accuracy. If the strips don’t get a high degree of precision, there’s no reason for buying them.

3. Color chart

The functionality is essential since color chart is commonly the reference when measuring or utilizing pH test.

You won’t completely exploit the benefit as well as capabilities of the test strips if you don’t understand what the color alterations represent.


How can I measure pH level without strips?

You’ll need a standard or a digital pH meter to calculate the pH without assistance of the pH test strip.

This type of equipment is electronic and can provide more accurate results than this pH test. It shows the test findings on its display, eliminating the need for color comparison.

What is the best way to check the pH at home?

As we know that you may evaluate the pH level with the water, saliva, or urine. 

You need their proper and related test strip to measure the pH of the different liquids. Insert a piece of this test strip for three seconds into the liquid. Then, shake out the excess liquid. Finally, leave it for about fifteen seconds before reading your results.

Are pH test strips all the same?

No. There are several types of pH strips on the market today. Each model has its own set of features, such as the pH measurement range and the sensitivity degrees they provide.

What do pH strips refer to?

pH strips refer to Litmus paper. People utilize Litmus paper to determine if a liquid is acidic or alkaline. This such thing occurs as a result of color changes when they emerge in the solution. Observing the color helps you find out that the answer is alkalinity or acidity.

What happens if the pH level in soil is high or low?

When the pH level of your soil is too low, some soil nutrients become harmful, which has a detrimental effect on your plants. On the other hand, if this pH level is too high, the toxic chemicals will accumulate and harm your plants.


A pH strip helps you a lot in balancing the pH level of your samples. Choosing the right strip model even assists you more in your job. It would be best to consider your purposes and preference to opt for the most suitable option.

Hopefully, from the list of the best pH test strips 2021, you can find your best one.

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