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Top 10 Best Seed Starting Kit of 2021 – Buyer Guide and Reviews

Top 10 Best Seed Starting Kit To Buy In 2021

Every time you go to a garden tool store, you won’t be overwhelmed by the range of different seed starters. Each product has its own advantages. Therefore, it is challenging to choose the best seed starting kit. To make your tool purchase simpler, you can refer to the 10 models that are bringing the most efficiency for home growers.

1. Super Sprouter HGC726403 Deluxe - Best For Beginners

The Super Sprouter Heated Seeder is an excellent starter for closely monitoring seedling progress. You will be amazed at the benefits it brings. Almost 100% of the seedlings survived. Not only that, but they also grow very quickly.

The dome-like design of the conservatory with additional light was the key to such a stunning success.

The surrounding dome provides the proper environmental conditions for the seedlings to need. Combined with growing light, the plant has enough light to function vigorously in the beginning. The dome also has built-in vents that are convenient for water to escape when it is too humid.

In addition, the manufacturer also comes with a small book that provides tips for seeding or cuttings. You can apply these little tricks to the cannabis plant for better results.

Although there are many good features for the plant to grow, it would be more perfect if this set comes with a growing tray or growing medium. Therefore, you have to buy this extra tool, but it is not too expensive.

Besides, Super Sprouter is a bit expensive. However, it does come with lights and heating pads, so this price is acceptable.

This kit is perfect for you to start your favorite cannabis garden. It has many additional accessories for you to take care of seedlings like a pro. Therefore, it deserves to appear in the home of garden lovers.


  • It comes with a lamp and heating pad
  • There is an instruction manual included
  • Protective dome
  • Easy to use


  • It does not come with a planting tray

2. MIXC Tray Starter Kit - Best For Heat Resistance

MIXC is a great seed starter for your indoor cannabis plants. You have two choices of 6 large cells and 12 small cells, flexible for each need.

In each set of trays, you can grow from 60 to 120 plants, which means you can grow more plants on the same tray and in the same amount of time.

The standout feature of this product is the transparent tray. Thanks to this, you can observe root growth without affecting the seedlings. It is both convenient for you to monitor the situation and to discuss the curiosity of a gardener.

You can also control the humidity inside the starter, thanks to the vented dome. Therefore, the tree always has a stable environment to grow.

The texture of the trays is exceptionally solid. They are also heat resistant up to 120ºF so that you can put a heat mat for germination. This set is perfect for growing plants and is durable for repeated use.


  • There are two cell sizes to choose from
  • Vented dome
  • Plant a large number of trees
  • Durable


  • No small tools included

3. Window Garden Seed Starting Kit - Best For Small Sizes

If you want to grow plants in a small corner of your home, the Window seed starter is perfect. It’s only 4 inches wide, 10 inches long, and small enough to fit in the corner of a window. Placed in such a corner of the door, you can listen to music to watch the trees grow and enjoy the wind. Suddenly garden life becomes more poetic.

This model comes with a ground cover type, which will expand when soaked in water. The size they bloom to fit the box of the planting tray. Thanks to this arrangement, you don’t need to prepare the soil, and growing plants is much simpler.

Because of the small size, you only grow a certain amount, not much but still enough to satisfy your desire to grow cannabis. Through testing, all seeds survived but the plant size was not uniform compared to other product sets.

This model works great, but you’ll be a little harder to control the humidity. Because it doesn’t have moisture vents, you have to raise the dome from time to time. When you feel the amount of moisture is enough, you need to cover it.

There is a slight inconvenience, but overall, this starter is very stable for the tight space of your family.


  • It comes with earth cover
  • Compact
  • Planting tray included
  • Stable performance
  • It can be as a decorative flower vase in the house


  • No vents 

4. EarlyGrow 70738 Medium Domed Propagator - Best For Long Term Use

If you are looking for a seed starter that can use multiple crops, the EarlyGrow 70738 Medium is an outstanding suggestion that you should not miss. This model is of thick blue plastic. It is solid and beautiful. The manufacturer has also stated this product is for long-term use.

In addition, this model is also much loved for its sturdy, vented dome. It looks very stable, easy to use, and doesn’t bounce like other cheap domes.

However, this product does not come with a growing tray and cup. So you need to buy more, and it will cost you a little more.

When planted, the seedlings will germinate at 50%. The level isn’t very high, but it’s still not too much of a loss.

This kit is suitable for those looking to buy a long-lasting model at an extremely affordable price.


  • Durable
  • Beautiful colors
  • Cheap
  • Suitable for beginners


  • The ability of seedlings to live normally

5. Burpee Seed Starter Tray - Best For Busy People

Growing your cannabis will be a lot simpler with the help of Burpee – an automatic watering model. Below the plots is a water tank, a pad on top that will automatically water your seedlings.

This intelligent feature will promptly bring water to the plants. You won’t have to worry anymore. This model is ideal for busy people.

This self-watering tray is very stable and gives an excellent effect to your mini garden. Specifically, 100% of the seeds germinate and develop well at the early stage.

The model comes with coir pellets. Coconut fiber carries many nutrients that are good for germination. However, handling it is pretty cumbersome.

A few nifty features have made it one of the best seed generators for beginners. But with more professional systems, it is not enough.


  • Automatic watering
  • It comes with coir tablets
  • Good growth performance
  • Convenient for busy people
  • Suitable for newbies


  • Handling the tablets is laborious

6. AQUEENLY Seed Starter Tray - Best For Beautiful Design

AQUEENLY is blue plastic with a transparent dome covering the top to form a simple and easy-to-observe closed system. On the crown, you quickly see 4 vents located in the middle. You can completely control the size of these 4 holes.

Therefore, you will be more proactive in regulating the temperature and humidity of the plants. Because the dome is transparent, the plant also receives maximum light. Through the dome cap, you have the opportunity to observe the growth of young shoots.

The umbrella size is 1.5 x 1.5 inches which are great for cannabis seed growers. Under each plot, there is a small drainage hole, so there is no fear of waterlogging and root rot. The base tray also includes 12 cells as a protective layer of the seed tray. At the same time, water from the soil that escapes can be stored in the incoming tray.

Thanks to that, the area where place the model is always clean. You remove the tray to empty the excess water from time to time to ensure hygiene and prevent overflow due to full water.


  • Arch with ventilation
  • What causes 50 – 100% of the environmental conditions in the system
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Plant the right amount of seeds
  • Nice system


  • It does not include planting material 

7. Bonviee Tray Starter Kit - Best For Sustainable Materials

The system comes in two colors, British and black, with a fairly basic design. It is still a transparent plastic tray so that you can see everything inside. The transparent dome also has ventilation and allows for the adjustment of humidity and temperature.

However, what makes this system different is the high quality PET material, which is more durable and long-lasting than conventional PVC. In addition, additional tools are very complete, from trays or vent arches to small garden tools that match the model.

Long-lasting quality and fully-equipped model, everything is very favorable for your plants. However, its price is very affordable. It is much cheaper than incomplete sets.

So, if you are just starting to dream of growing cannabis, you can start with this starter kit. All are simple and streamlined for ease of use, so it will not cause any disadvantage for users.


  • Transparent tray
  • Suitable cell size and drainage hole
  • Dome with the vent control
  • Durable PET material
  • Full tools included


  • Peat tablets not included

8. Jiffy J450ST20 SuperTrive Seed Starter - Best For Smart Design

Jiffy consists of a tray on top that holds the clay pellets. This tray will be in another tray so that the drained water does not overflow. As a result, excess moisture in the soil never affects the area around the system. So your home will always be clean.

The pellets that come with the tray are of very excellent quality. They grow quickly and are accessible to seed. So you will not have to wait too long or have difficulty in seeding.

This tray has 50 cells, 42mm each. In general, the more plots, the more space the tree has to grow. However, the arch has no ventilation, so the survival rate of the tree is relatively low, less than 50%.

Compared to other models, this kit is a bit flimsy. They may not be suitable for long-term use. Besides, to increase the germination rate, skilled people will be more ideal for this choice.


  • Multi-cell tray
  • Has a tray for drainage
  • Accompanied by land
  • No assembly required
  • Simple to use


  • Possibility of poor plant growth

9. SO LIGHT Seed Start Kit - Best Durability

A strong choice that you can think of is SO LIGHT. What you can first feel about it is the solidity and heavy hand when holding. Quality materials make for a design that will last. For sure, you will be with it for a very long time.

The black tray comes with a transparent dome with vents. From a distance, it looks like a formal cake box in a shop. When planted in, it resembles a specially designed pot. You can use this mini garden as a decorative indoor potted plant.

The set has three sizes, so you are more proactive in choosing. The large size of the model looks quite suitable for growing a more significant number of plants.


  • Planting land included
  • A large tray can grow many seeds
  • Tray without holes saves watering time
  • There are 3 size options
  • Durable


  • Smells like plastic

10. Garden Seed Tray Kits - The Best For The Price

Via: Amazon.com

The seedling tray consists of 40 cells with a dome around it. The dome will help you keep the plants moist, so you save time watering. However, the crown has no vents, and you’ll be a bit extreme when the humidity is high.

But the manufacturer has created a drainage hole in each cell, so excess moisture will not happen often. A root tray is located outside with the task of catching water in the soil secreted. It is both hygienic and suitable for those who want to build a hydroponic system.

Overall, the Garden starter kit is quite ordinary and not much different from the other kits. However, the effect brought to the plant is actually perfect. The environment in the dome is very stable and ideal for seed germination.


  • Has drainage hole
  • Easy to use
  • Has a water tank
  • A lot of cells
  • Affordable


  • Dome without vents 

Buying Guide For The Best Seed Starting Kit

The market is full of seed starter kits. When buying, you need to consider the following factors to make the right choice for your needs and size.

1. Size and number of cells

First, you need to determine how many trees to plant. Next, where do you place the system? From there, you choose the size that fits the space you have. You choose the model with the number of cells that match the number of varieties you sow.

When you choose the wrong factor, chances are you have to plant fewer seeds than you planned, or the plant doesn’t have enough room to grow.

2. Reliability

Most products today are from high-quality materials so that they can be available many times. However, not all designs use the same materials and have the same manufacturing process. Therefore, the durability will often be different.

The sturdier a product, the more likely it is to be reused. Thus, you will save a large amount of money.

Therefore, when learning about this system, you should care a lot about quality, maximum usage time to be able to buy a model that lasts the longest.

3. Easy to use

The purpose of using a seed starter system is to monitor plant growth through proactive control of temperature, light and humidity rather than simply placing them in large pots. That is, through this model, the plants will germinate and grow better.

Thus, you are using the startup system to simplify things and still produce good results. Therefore, you should not pursue complex designs that are difficult to understand during use.

You should be more concerned with simple systems, with clear and simple usage. At the same time, it still meets the service quality for your future garden.

If you want to learn more, check out the detailed instructions of the experts in the video below.


In addition to the seedling tray, you still have a few other exciting options. You can take advantage of what is available to bring a small cannabis garden right in your living room.

Can you start seeds in egg cartons?

Egg cartons are a great way to start seeding. However, after the seeds have germinated, you need to transfer them to a larger container. You can put an old item that you find appropriate, such as shoes, hats, baskets..eg..

Can you start seeds in promix?

Promix is ​​a mixture based on peat, which is ideal for seed germination. So, if you have one of these ingredients, don’t hesitate to start. You will have successful seeding results.

What is needed to start seeds indoors?

When starting to sow seeds indoors, you will need a seedling tray or peat pot with a suitable light source. Besides, quality seed is an indispensable factor. Once you have all the above items, you can proceed to plant and take care of germinating seeds.


There are many options for you to start growing cannabis seeds. Among the above models, do you already have your best seed starting kit? If not, don’t be in a hurry, you just need to rely on the factors to choose to buy a quality seedling tray, you will quickly have a satisfactory product.

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