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Top 7 Best Seedling Heat Mats and Thermostats (Rated & Tested 2021)

Quality heat mats contribute to better plant growth, especially during the germination period. Currently, it is very difficult for you to choose the best seedling heat mats because the market has too many products.

In this article, we will provide you with the carpets that many cannabis growers use. You can base on their properties to choose a mat that best suits your seed. Now, let’s find out together. 

The 7 Best Seedling Heat Mats Review In 2021

Today’s diverse market has no shortage of good heat-retaining mats. A really good product must completely solve your problem.

You can check out the rugs below. They are all devices that many cannabis growers trust. From there, you have more options to make your decision easier.

1. VIVOSUN Durable - Best For Overall

VIVOSUN is a thermal mat with 4 sizes, 3 x 20 inches, 10 x 20 inches, 20 x 20 inches, and 48 x 20.75 inches.

In general, they are quite diverse for growers to apply for orchards flexibly. Depending on the planting pattern, you will choose the appropriate mat.

The material is made from high-strength PVC and has toughness. Therefore, it belongs to the top of super durable products so that you can use it from season to season.

In terms of temperature, it stays between 68 – 86ºF, perfect for incubation.

Besides, the heating provided is very uniform and ensures no burning of seeds or roots. So you can rest assured that you have provided a stable and qualified environment for your seeds to germinate.

This product can also have smart safety features such as MET certification, a solid connection between the pad and the power cord. Power is not consumed because the carpet runs on only 20 watts.

As can be seen, the VIVOSUN heat mat is fully functional as well as good for seeds. The manufacturer has created products with similar features. They work together to create the perfect environment for the cannabis plant to grow.


  • Do not scorch the roots
  • Easy to clean
  • Save electricity
  • Always provide a stable temperature
  • One year warranty


  • The temperature may not spread evenly throughout the mat

2. VIVOHOME 20W - Best For Compact Design

This warming system is suitable for small rectangular potted plants. Therefore, you should buy it when you intend to grow seeds in standard rectangular planting trays. Its dimensions are 10 x 20.75 inches.

Despite its small appearance, the system inside works very well. It makes your potting temperature 10-20ºF hotter than the environment. At this temperature, the seeds are maximally stimulated for best germination.

The heating system does not come with a controller. So you just need to plug it in and the power outlet, the machine will start working. This device still uses voltage at 220V, so you don’t need to go through a transformer.

The internal construction of insulated heaters combined with an IPX -4 waterproof rating makes cleaning simple and safe. You can put it straight into the water, but don’t completely immerse the carpet in water for a long time.

Many people look at the heatsink mat a bit small, so they often doubt its durability. However, the product is made from high-quality PVC. Therefore, you can rest assured of long-term use.


  • Has a storage bag when not in use
  • Durable
  • Simple cleaning
  • Good price
  • Suitable for home growers


  • No control system

3. Hydrofarm Jump Start - Best For High Reliability

The Jump Start thermal mat has a very high reputation. You can completely believe that it is a good product and brings increased efficiency to the incubating grain. At the same time, it is waterproof and very durable.

These features are not merely words coming from the manufacturer but are being tested.

Specifically, this heat mat has received UL certification. This certification is provided by a global safety certification and consulting company. Currently, the Hydrofarm Jump Start is the only heating mat on the UL list.

The rug is quite small at 8.87 x 19.5 and larger than the Apollo garden mat. With this size, you should use it to incubate in small pots for better results.

Its original cord is 6 feet long enough for you to reach the outlet. It also gives you flexibility in seed placement or power installation.

In addition, this product has a very useful feature for users, a complete user manual printed on the body of the system.

These contents are not simply stepped to use, but also safety warnings during use. This information is really useful, especially for those exposed to these tools for the first time.


  • Durable
  • Proven safety
  • The right size for the house
  • Stable thermostat
  • Easy to use


  • No thermostat included 

4. Seedfactor Seedling - Best For Flexibility

The Seedfactor math is highly flexible. You can use it for your indoor cannabis garden, for seed germination, or plant propagation. It can also heat kombucha or a terrarium.

It is versatile and good for many things with many environments, so you can take advantage of this feature to save costs.

In addition, it has 4 sizes to bring more choices to users.

You can choose from 3.5 x 21 inches, 10 x 20 inches, 20 x 20 inches or 48 x 20 inches. Wide range of sizes for small, medium, and large sizes. So, not stopping at home still works well in the garden.

When growing plants in pots, you can choose larger pots to produce more seeds. Especially for families who do not have a lot of free space, this option is quite optimal.

You can also wrap it around a pot or container of kombucha. Because it has good strength and high flexibility, it is easy to wrap.

The power cord is 5.9 feet long enough for you to have no problems every time you use it. Moreover, it will be convenient for those of you who have to place the pot away from the electrical outlet with this length.

There are detailed instructions on the bottom of the carpet. You can check it out if you have trouble using it. You should also read through these lines even if you know how to use them.

Each machine will usually have different safety notes. You know this to ensure the safety of people, seeds, and equipment.


  • High level of safety
  • Fast heating ability
  • Multifunction
  • Thicker material
  • Good price


  • Cannot be fully immersed in water

5. iPower Durable - Best For Durability

When it comes to poverty, you cannot ignore iPower. With a multi-layer structural design, the bearing capacity of the device is very good. So you can rest assured to use it for a long time.

The internal thermostat maintains a constant and uniform heat level for the seeds to germinate faster than usual.

Thanks to the quality material, this heating plate is very simple to change. You can pull it straight for use, bend it around the pot, or roll it up for storage.

Besides, 4 different sizes, from small to large, are suitable for many kinds of pots. You can use the small 8 x 20-inch sheet when you intend to plant cannabis seeds in your closet when you want to keep it a secret from everyone.

Although it does not have a controller attached, the design can shut down when sufficient heat is provided. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on duty.

When heat generation stops, the machine also stops drawing energy from electricity. As a result, you also somewhat save electricity.

When the carpet is dirty, you can use water to clean it. All electronic devices are insulated outside so they will not be affected by water.

Thanks to this factor, it is more convenient for you to work on birth. At the same time, the machine life is maintained longer because it is not affected by external factors.

However, you should still quickly dry it after washing to ensure that the electronic components are not affected.

In addition to the solid components, iPower also has a 1-year warranty policy. This is very beneficial for customers, especially those exposed to tools of this type for the first time.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Save time taking care
  • Save electricity
  • 1 year warranty


  • The entire carpet cannot be soaked in water 

6. Ohuhu Seedling - Best for Multi-layered Textures

Ohuhu has a total of 5 layers. The outer protective layer is heavy-duty PVC to protect the overall shape and inner movement.

In the sheath, the alloy Nikrothal heating wire is in the middle. The Insulating PET layer should be safe and durable to use.

Thanks to the multi-layer construction, the product is durable enough for long-term use. Besides, IP67 water resistance.

With this level, you can clean the carpet easily. For faster and more effective cleaning, just rinse with water and then wipe again.

This product is available in 3 sizes. It’s not too small, but the rugs will be medium to large in shape. You have the flexibility to choose according to your cannabis growing purposes. In addition, you also have the option of 1 pack or 2 packages.

The additional supply temperature of the carpet fluctuates by itself 10 – 20ºF. The mat does not have a built-in controller, so you can only set this temperature.

However, the company sells a controller, so you can buy more to adjust the temperature more flexibly.


  • Simple cleaning
  • High IP67 waterproof
  • Stable heat regulation
  • Has a pocket for storage
  • The price is quite low


  • Inefficient heating in very cold conditions

7. VIVOSUN Seedling - Best For Versatility

This version of VIVOSUN has many advantages. It has a tough outer PVC protective layer that protects the machine against wear and tear of use and environmental influences. 

Inside, the Infrared heating film layer provides stable and well-maintained temperature.

Normally, when the mat is in operation, you may be exposed to heat and burn your hands.

However, you will not have the same problem with this product because the manufacturer has deliberately used a double layer of insulation around the edge. They both ensure user safety and prevent heat loss to the outside.

It has a fixed size of 10 x 20.75 inches, suitable for sliding down a standard growing tray. However, for larger pots or bins, this one plate will not provide enough heat.

The special thing about this product is that it has a controller and a thermometer probe included. Thus, you can monitor the temperature of the seed. From there, you actively adjust the temperature level to suit each stage.

For example, you should use high heat to create moisture to stimulate seed germination when starting. Once the seeds have sprouted, reduce the heat so as not to affect the young shoots.

With other products, you must use the conventional fixed temperature. If you want to adjust, you have to buy an additional controller. However, this version is already available. Therefore, you will save money somewhat.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Good water resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Can provide precise temperature for each moment


  • May have to be straightened before use

Buying Guide For The Best Seedling Heat Mat

At 75ºF – 85ºF, the cannabis seeds will germinate very well. However, the conditions of your garden and home will not be able to meet more requirements.

Therefore, to have healthy seedlings, you need the help of heat-retaining mats.

Among thousands of mats out there, how do you choose the best seedling heat mats?

At first glance, making a decision is very difficult. However, when you learn, you just need to focus on the following factors and quickly buy a good carpet.

1. Carpet size


Heat mats will usually come in a variety of sizes. The basic size and any rug that seems to be available are 10 x 20 inches. These mats will be suitable for standard seed pots.

You choose to buy this type if you intend to sow seeds in a standard pot. When you sow in larger places, you have to select a different size. Small mats will not be hot enough for large pots.

20 x 48-inch mats can be used for 4 standard pots at the same time. When you need a large number of seeds, you use more than 4 then roll mats will be suitable for you.

The choice of size will be determined by the number of varieties that you intend to sow. Ideally, the meat should be medium or larger than the pot to increase the temperature of the seeds.

2. The Style of the heat mat

Currently, there are two main types of carpets:

  • Flat carpet: This type of carpet has a small size suitable for those who grow plants in indoor pots. These low-cost mats typically provide an extra 10-20ºF for plants.

  • Cultivation System: A growing kit with moisture domes for large gardeners. This kit has both a heat supply system and a dome that retains moisture and protects the seedlings. So you have to pay more. At the same time, it is only suitable for large-scale doers.

You need to determine the correct size of your planting then learn about the corresponding type of carpet. From there, you will buy the right product at the right price.

3. Waterproof rating

Waterproof mats or absorbent dots are essential. Besides working well, you will save some cleaning on them. There are two waterproofing ratings that you need to be concerned about:

  • IPX4: Carpets with this rating are waterproof and resistant to splashes, spills, and splashes. That is, little and light water will not affect them. However, if the strong current causes it to be completely submerged, it is no longer water-resistant.

  • IP67: This rating indicates that the carpet you choose is waterproof. After soaking in water for 30 minutes, it still works properly.

4. Temperature range and temperature controller

The temperature you provide for seeds and seedlings, in the beginning, needs room temperature for 10-20 minutes. Today, all heat mats provide such a stable temperature range. Others will have a wider temperature range, like 40 – 108ºC.

These panels are usually more expensive. In fact, it’s not so necessary. So just starting, you can choose more economical options.

Similar to the controller, it will help you adjust the temperature more accurately.

Yes, it is very good, but without, other products can still meet. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase additional products or select products with built-in controllers. Because they will be more expensive than regular carpets.

That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it, but believe it if you can afford it. The more functional the carpet, the better living conditions your plants will have. So invest in the best set of products you can afford. 


There are many benefits that heat mats bring to your seeds and seedlings. However, it is not always good that you take advantage of it too much. You should use it correctly enough to achieve your cannabis growing goals.

Do heat mats help plants grow?

As has been said, temperature is an important factor for seedling germination and development. However, the natural temperature is not enough for sprouts, especially in cold weather rooms or seasons.

As a result, the heat mat will provide additional heat to meet the grain’s standards. From there, your seeds will germinate well, and the seedlings will grow healthy.

Are heat mats good for seedlings?

Heat mats compensate for heat to create a good environment for plants to grow.

The specific climate here would be the gentle warmth of nature on a sunny spring day. Right at this moment, life is the most exciting particle. Therefore, it will quickly sprout.

How long should seedlings stay on a heat mat?

You need to get the help of a heating mat right after sowing the seeds. Next, let the machine operate continuously 24 hours a day.

Note that you should not disable interrupts. Because the temperature is not adjusted properly, the budding process is very unlikely or occurs with poor seedling conditions.


If you lack the definition of a heat mat you need, it is difficult to choose the best seedling heat mats. Therefore, you should determine your desires. From there, you can easily choose products that serve your seeds well. 

Through the content of the article, we hope that we have provided you with the necessary information about the best seedling heat mats.

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