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The 10+ Best Soils For Growing Cannabis Reviews

Marijuana, like every plant on earth, needs water, oxygen, and nutrients to grow. Among them, nutrients are the most controllable factor. You can add or limit the number of nutrients provided to the plant through the soil.

So, what is the best soil for cannabis? The best soil for cannabis needs to have a stable pH, low EC, high nutritional content, and a loose texture. It is pretty challenging to find ground that meets all of these conditions in nature.

Fortunately, there are many types of soil suitable for growing cannabis on the market today. Here are 11 of the top names, sure to surprise you with the results. 

Let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

Top 10+ Best Soil For Cannabis Reviews

You can find potting soil products at any planter store. However, not all products are suitable for cannabis, as the 11 names on the list below.

1. Fox Farm FX14000 - Best For Indoor Cannabis

Fox Farm FX14000 is an ideal potting soil for growing cannabis because there are not many types of soil on the market today that have as many advantages as Fox Farm branded soil.

As a cannabis grower, you probably know how important pH is to plant roots. And you must have had trouble with controlling the pH of the soil many times.

You can discard the purchased pH meters with the pH increase/decrease solution with Fox Farm soil. Because Fox Farm Ocean 2 has a stable pH between 6.3 and 6.8 – the most suitable pH for cannabis.

Besides, Fox Farm is also a nutrient-rich soil mixture. The product contains not only earthworm castings, forest humus like some common nutrient soils. Ocean 2 Foxfarm, as the name suggests, also adds seagoing fish & Crab meal.

With the above nutrient-rich formula, you can use FoxFarm FX14000 at any stage of cannabis growth, especially indoor cannabis.

The most positive change you can notice when using Fox Farm Ocean land is the more substantial and sturdy branching tree.

Although the product’s price is entirely worth considering, in terms of the benefits you get, Fox Farm Ocean 2 is still the first choice for those who want to grow cannabis indoors.


  • Suitable for all stages of cannabis growth
  • Normal pH
  • Full of nutrients
  • No nitrogen fertilizer is required
  • Make the tree stronger


  • No perlite to aerate the soil

2. MOTHER EARTH Perlite Mix - Best For Budget

Keeping the soil aerated is key to a healthy cannabis root. To maintain aeration with average soils, you cannot skip the tilling step. However, with MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix, you will save quite a lot of time and effort for this.

The MOTHER EARTH mixture has a formula containing 70% cocoa humus, 30% perlite. These two ingredients have long been known for their ability to drain and aerate better than conventional soil.

Therefore, there is no doubt that cannabis with Coco Plus Perlite Mix will absorb better nutrients due to the high cation exchange rate in the roots. 

Besides, cannabis will not experience excess water, causing root rot, leaf loss.

In addition, the mixture of MOTHER EARTH contains no additives. All ingredients are inorganic products, safe to use, and do not affect the taste of cannabis when harvested.

Besides, a 10lbs bag of Coco Plus Perlite Mix isn’t just for one season. Coir mix can last longer than conventional potting soil. After harvesting, you can rinse the mixture with clean water and then continue to use it for the next crop.

So, MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix is ​​an investment that is effective and economical.

If you are looking for a conventional nutrient soil substitute, MOTHER EARTH deserves its place on the list of the best products to buy.


  • Breathable and well-drained
  • 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Reusable
  • Create conditions for root growth
  • Contain natural organic substances that are good for cannabis


  • Hard to control humidity for beginners

3. Super Autoflower Concentrate - Best For Quality

It’s hard to find another soil mix that has as many nutrients as Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate.

As a product of Natural Living Soil, of course, Super Soil is indispensable for a series of beneficial microorganisms such as Glomus composite, Pisolithus Tinctorius, Scleroderma Citrinum, Glomus mosseae.

These beneficial microorganisms will provide nutrients for plant roots. Depending on the stage of growth of cannabis, the number of nutrients will also change. Therefore, you only need Super Soil for your entire growing process.

In addition to beneficial microorganisms, the product also has organic powders such as bone meal, kelp powder, coconut water powder.

All have created a product rich in nutrients. Just mix with potting soil, and you can grow cannabis without worrying about the plant not growing fully.

Although Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate weighs only 2.2 kg, you can use it for a long time. Because if you mix nutrient soil with regular soil according to the instructions, you will get back 25 gallons of nutrient-rich potting soil.

If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich soil product, Super Soil Concentrate is worth considering. Because of the rich microbial system and nutritious organic ingredients, your cannabis probably won’t need additional chemical fertilizers to increase yield.


  • Suitable for both beginners and professional growers
  • Can be used in all stages of the plant
  • There are more than twenty beneficial microorganisms
  • Concentrated soil can produce 25 gallons of potting soil
  • 100% organic


  • High price

4. Wonder Potting Soil Mix - Best For Root Development

There is absolutely reason to affirm that Wonder Soil Organic is the best potting soil for cannabis roots because the product is the perfect combination of coir growing medium and nutritious soil.

Wonder Soil has the main ingredient of dried coconut fiber. Coconut coir is always one of the best plant materials because of its neutral pH and low conductivity, suitable for plant roots to grow.

Not only stopping there, but Wonder Soil’s dried coir also helps you save up to 50% of water and fertilizer.

In addition to the highlight of dried coir, Wonder Soil’s Organic Potting Soil Mix range is also the only type of coir that adds a range of valuable ingredients.

One of the standout ingredients is Worm Castings, which can increase crop yields by up to 25%. Plus, kelp also contains more than 60 minerals, and Perlite has a neutral pH, which helps keep the soil compacted and aerated.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention Mycorrhizae. This fungus has a role in helping stimulate microbial activity, creating a suitable environment for plant roots to grow. Not only that, but mushrooms can also help improve the quality of the root system, enhancing the growth of cannabis.

Not only good for roots, Wonder Soil Organic Potting Soil Mix is ​​suitable for your budget too. Because the product can expand four times when soaked in water, as long as you know how to do it correctly.

All you need is more water, then use it. Gardening has never been so easy.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Drainage, good ventilation
  • Save up to 50% on water and fertilizer
  • The formula contains many beneficial microorganisms


  • You need to note the amount of water to maximize the soil expansion before use 

5. FoxFarm FX14054 Potting Soil - Best For Young Plants

FoxFarm is one of the best soil brands that fully meet the needs of plants, including cannabis.

FX14054 is no exception. In particular, it is also an extremely suitable soil for cannabis in the early stages.

As a young plant, cannabis requires little nutrition. If you choose soil too rich in nutrients or over-fertilize, the plant may burn its leaves and not grow as expected.

Fox Farm with the FX14054 product has a gentle ingredient list, not abusing nutrients.

FoxFarm has been focusing on providing too much, even excess of nutrients in the soil. Instead, the manufacturer adds many beneficial microorganisms such as mycorrhizal fungi and focuses on improving the pH of the soil.

If the disadvantage of Fox Farm Ocean 2 is that the soil is easily compacted, not aerated, then in FX14054 Happy Frog, the advantage of the product is the ability to breathe. The texture of the soil is lighter, more aerated, and, of course, more ideal for young plants in the process of rooting.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Fox Farm FX14054 Happy Frog is the best soil product for early-stage cannabis. Starting with quality FoxFarm brand soil, you are almost certain to have a bountiful harvest.


  • There are many beneficial microorganisms
  • Neutral pH
  • The texture of the soil is loose and airy
  • The right level of nutrients for young plants
  • Easy to use


  • Not enough nutrients for the flowering stage

6. Purple IndiCanja Organic - Best For Organic Gardens

Purple Organic Indiana is one of the few products on the Organic Materials Assessment Institute’s list of certified products.

Therefore, it is entirely safe to say that the product is the most suitable choice for those who want to grow cannabis without chemicals.

If you are concerned that an excess of chemicals may affect the taste of the buds when used, it is better to grow your plants organically with the help of an organic product like Purple Cow Living Soil.

The organic ingredients in Purple Cow Organic brand soil can be Sphagnum Peat Moss, Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Volcanic Ash. In addition to the organic ingredients, the product also has natural nutrients and minerals to supply cannabis throughout its growing process.

Another advantage of Purple Cow Organic Indiana is that it can naturally help cannabis absorb more water. The roots receive nutrients by drinking water. Therefore, absorbing more water also means receiving more nutrients, growing faster.

With the above advantages, IndiCanja Organic Living Soil is the product you should consider when looking for clean soil to meet your growing needs without chemical residues.

Plus, if you need potting soil that’s easy to use, just unpacks, and ready to grow, Purple Cow’s organic potting soil is a perfect choice.


  • All in one
  • Suitable for both novice and experienced growers
  • Ideal for all stages of plant growth
  • Help increase water absorption for cannabis
  • Completely clean and natural


  • There may be gnat fungus in the soil

7. Coast Of Maine CMSBO15 - Best For Potted Cannabis

Soil is the primary concern when choosing potted cannabis. Because if you do not treat the soil carefully or choose the right type of soil, the plant will likely grow stunted by poor nutrition and cramped space.

Coast of Maine CMSBO15 was born to solve the above problem for growers.

Coast of Maine’s 40 pounds of soil is chock full of beneficial ingredients, from mycorrhizae to kelp powder, worm castings, fishbone meal. Suffice to say, the Coast of Maine’s soil mix provides all that cannabis in every stage needs.

Besides, Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Growers also has a rather spongy texture. Problems related to drainage are always a drawback when you grow plants in pots.

However, with the right type of soil, you can somewhat limit the waterlogging for cannabis. And the Coast of Maine is just that.

Your plant’s roots will have a growing medium that is both nutrient-rich and well-balanced. From there, the cannabis will also be healthier, giving more substantial branches and larger buds.

There is no denying the advantages of growing cannabis in a pot, overgrowing it in the ground. And to promote the above benefits, you need a reliable companion like the Coast of Maine.


  • High-quality, natural ingredients
  • Ideal pH
  • Stimulate growth
  • No additional nutrients are required
  • The porous texture allows for breathability and drainage


  • May attract rodents

8. Roots Organics Coco Mix - Best For Yield

Looking for a soil product that can improve yields, look no further than Roots Organics.

The main ingredient of Roots Organics is coir. All coir in the product undergoes a rather strict processing process.

The manufacturer will wash the coir three times to both clean and lower the EC of the material. If you are a seasoned gardener, you already know that EC in soil should not exceed 2.5. And the more stable the EC level, the easier it is for plant roots to absorb nutrients in the soil.

Roots Organics is more than just coir. The product also contains many beneficial microorganisms such as Funneliformis mosseae and Rhizophagus intraradices.

These microorganisms will help increase root biomass and help reduce stress when growing cannabis in pots.

The product is a harmonious combination of the nutrients of natural soil and the breathability of organic products. Therefore, you can fully expect a good harvest when using Organic Cocoa Mix.

Alternatively, you can also use Roots Organics to grow cannabis hydroponically.


  • Low lignin content
  • Long use time
  • Stable pH
  • Help increase root biomass
  • Low EC


  • The coconut fiber part is still quite coarse

9. Brut Worm Super Soil - Good For a Variety of Plants

Brut Super Soil is a versatile soil. The product is not only suitable for producing healthy cannabis plants. But you can use Brut Worm Farms soil to grow any type of tree that can yield a bountiful harvest.

Because Brut Super Soil has all you need in one type of potting soil. At the same time, it also overcomes the disadvantages of many prepackaged potting soils.

The soil composition comes from the Brut Worm Farms brand, including 30% water retaining soil (a mixture of alluvial soil, clay), 50% organic matter. There is also a large portion of enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and nutrients.

Some nutrients that are high in Brut Soil include Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. And as you know, NPK is three essential nutrients for cannabis to grow, no matter what stage.

Some valuable organic matter is Brut Worm Castings, Composted Cow Manure, Azomite, and Granite Dust. These organic substances on plant growth are more effective than any chemical fertilizer you have ever used.

Although they play an essential role in plant growth, products that provide these organic substances often suffer from one drawback: strong odor. 

But as mentioned, Brut Super Soil overcomes many of the disadvantages of previous organic soil products, including the above penalties.

In addition, the product is also a combination of nutritious soil with Versatile soil. You can use the soil to grow any kind of tree in any way.


  • Versatile
  • Non-toxic
  • No smell
  • Provide important nutrients such as NPK
  • A mixture of alluvial soil and clay helps to keep the soil from drying out


  • May attract insects

10. Big Rootz Potting Soil - Good For Professional Growers

Via: Amazon.com

Even the most professional cannabis growers cannot underestimate Big Rootz soil because the product has a tested ingredient list, standard pH, and many other factors to help ensure the highest quality.

The composition of Big Rootz includes Peat, coir, worm casting, and compost. All of these ingredients, in the right amount, create a nutrient-rich soil mix.

Combined with mycorrhizae, you couldn’t ask for a better recipe. Because Big Rootz can do it all: maximize root growth, increase plant nutrient absorption.

Although it is a perfect product in the eyes of experts, however, if you are a beginner, there are a few issues you need to consider when using Big Rootz.

First, nutrients in the soil are not enough for cannabis during the flowering stage.

You need to supplement the plant with the appropriate concentration. It is a challenge because you need to determine the number of nutrients left in the soil and then calculate the nutrients that need to keep the plants in the best condition.

Second, you need to pay attention to protecting cannabis from rodents, especially in the early stages of growing the plant.


  • Mycorrhizae enhance root growth
  • Peat helps retain water
  • Treating coir with standard EC helps to reduce nutrient lockout
  • Mixed with a proprietary formula
  • Stimulate plant growth


  • Can be difficult for beginners

11. Miracle Gro Organic Mix - Best For Growing Cannabis By Seeds

Via: Amazon.com

The Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Organic Mix is, as the name suggests, a versatile product.

Are you looking for breathable, porous soil? More than 60% of Miracle-Gro’s sphagnum peat moss and perlite mix will not disappoint.

Are you looking for soil that has NPK nutrients in the perfect ratio for cannabis? The nutrients derived from Miracle-Gro’s ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, calcium phosphate, and potassium sulfate are more than enough.

Want soil that has a noticeable effect? Twice the bounty of plants without leaves is enough to prove the effect of Miracle-Gro. 

In addition, the product’s formula is beneficial if you choose to grow your cannabis by seeding. Because the soil will stimulate the seeds to germinate faster, helping the roots to mature earlier and stronger.

The amount of nutrients in the soil is enough to feed the plant for three months, and just three months is enough for Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Organic Mix to bring about miraculous results.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Stimulate seed germination faster
  • Help roots thrive
  • Porous, breathable fabric
  • The amount of NPK is in perfect proportion


  • There are only enough nutrients for the plant for three months

Buying Guide For The Best Soil For Cannabis

Soil, water, and air are the three essential elements for plant growth. In it, you can’t have too much impact on the water and the air. All you can do is provide enough water, ensure clean water and fresh air.

But you can do more with soil. You can adjust the nutrients, pH, conductivity of the soil. From there, you will get back the changes in cannabis.

Therefore, soil selection cannot be as simple as preparing the water and testing the air. If you do not have too much experience in soil selection, you can refer to the following guidelines.

1. Soil Texture

Some of the soil textures you often see on the market are clay, sandy, and alluvial soil. Each type of soil has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, clay holds water, which can cause you trouble with drainage. Or alluvial soil is nutritious but poorly aerated. Meanwhile, aerated sandy soil needs frequent watering because it retains moisture.

Many manufacturers have chosen to combine soil types to overcome the disadvantage. Or the vast majority of soil products today have organic matter added to them. These organics both help improve soil texture and provide additional nutrients to plants.

2. Soil Composition

An ideal soil product for cannabis requires minerals, microorganisms, and organic matter.

Minerals in the soil, with cannabis, must have Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Besides, calcium, manganese, and sulfur are also essential for plant growth.

Organic substances are substances that come from decomposing animals and plants. Soil usually does not contain much organic matter. Meanwhile, organic matter is the key for plants to develop to their full potential.

Therefore, when choosing soil for cannabis, you should prioritize products rich in organic matter.

Beneficial microorganisms for cannabis include fungi, bacteria, algae, and protozoa. These microorganisms help make the soil more porous and rich in nutrients and help provide energy for the cannabis. The more beneficial organisms, the more valuable the soil.

3. Ingredients

Thousands of different soil products on the market make you overwhelmed? The wisest way is to rely on the composition table to choose the right soil type for your use. 

Some of the ingredients that organic cannabis soil should have are Perlite – aeration, Peat – to retain water, Worm Manure, Fish Meal, Compost – to add nutrients.

4. Aeration

If the soil is too compacted, it will limit water infiltration and prevent air from reaching the roots. As a cannabis grower, you certainly understand the dangers of these two phenomena. Therefore, you should give preference to soils with good aeration.

Typically, an aerated soil mix will have a variety of seeds of varying sizes. Besides, the soil also has anti-rot components so that the roots are always in the best state.

Some materials commonly found in aerated soils are moss, Peat, and not to mention Perlite.

5. Moisture Control

Good potting soil needs to balance the amount of water in the soil, not letting it get too wet or too dry. Therefore, you need to choose soils with components that support each other and restrain each other.

Specifically, peat moss combined with coir will create a mixture that can absorb a tremendous amount of water compared to weight. However, this mixture will not be suitable for long-term cannabis cultivation without Perlite.

Perlite helps the soil always to breathe and ensures that the soil is always sufficiently moist without being too wet or lacking in moisture.

In addition, several soils use polymers on the market. Polymers are substances that can absorb moisture, retain moisture and then release it when the soil becomes dry.

6. Number of Cannabis Plants

The amount of potting soil you need to buy depends on how much cannabis you grow.

A large bag of soil would be a wasteful option if you only have a few plants in a small container. However, you will probably have to buy up to two land bags if you grow cannabis in a large barrel or own a cannabis garden.

It would help if you also gave preference to super-compressed soils. A 5-pound bag of soil can be mixed with regular soil to create more than 20 potted plants. You can also choose to buy coir if you want to reuse the product. 

For more specific knowledge on how to select and mix soil for plants, consult the experts in the video.


Do You Need Additional Aeration?

Of course, you need air for cannabis roots to thrive.

As mentioned, you should give preference to soil with Perlite, loose texture.

You’ll soon find out that your choices not only keep the soil as aerated as possible but also help it drain well, thereby limiting harmful fungi and bacteria.

What is the best pH for soil?

The ideal pH for soil is 6. However, with some types of cannabis, the perfect pH may be between 5.8 and 6.3.

If the pH is above or below the upper range, it is difficult for cannabis roots to absorb nutrients fully. In addition, keeping the pH stable is also a way to help you control the number of microorganisms in the soil.

What is the best soil for Autoflowers?

For auto-flowering cannabis strains, the most suitable potting soil should contain 70-80% organic soil, 15% perlite, and 15% coir. You can also replace coir with other breathable organics like vermiculite or biochar.


Soil can stimulate the growth of cannabis, which can also interfere with the plant. Therefore, you need to choose your own best soil for cannabis.

But in addition to choosing good soil, you also cannot take the observation of plants lightly. Make sure the cannabis adapts well to the soil you select.

At the same time, do not forget to add nutrients to the plant. The vast majority of soil products available on the market provide a certain amount of nutrients.

However, the reality is always a little different from what the manufacturer announces on the packaging. 

One last piece of advice for you: watch your cannabis and give it all it asks. Only then will you have a good crop.

Thank you for reading!

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