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Top 10 Best TDS Meter Of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best TDS Meter To Buy in 2021

To buy a TDS device, you must understand all the indicators related to them or at least you also know the strengths and weaknesses of the machine you are about to buy. 

This information will help you not to pay too high a price compared to the quality received. So, let’s take a look at the reviews of today’s top-of-the-line machines.

1. HoneForest Accurate TDS Meter - Best for Longevity

Feature Highlights

  • Screen with notification light
  • Auto-lock function
  • Automatic temperature compensation function
  • Do you know the included TDS chart for easy comparison of results
  • Self-compensation for heat 

The first feeling when you hold this machine in your hand is a certainty. It is made of high-quality material so it looks very strong. Looking at it, you will immediately think of a durable and long-lasting product.

Not only outstanding in appearance, operability is also extremely good. You can use it as a thermometer or a TDS meter. The product has an overtime function. So the temperature changes will always update in time.

In addition, the meter also has an automatic shutdown function when not in use. For conventional machines, the standby time can be from 8-10 minutes. However, the device turns off after 2 minutes, and fast shutdown time facilitates better battery protection.

Besides, the manufacturer has a 3-year warranty policy. An affordable product with a high level of assurance. So you can rest assured to use it for a long time.


  • Multifunction
  • Easy to read
  • Sure
  • Automatic compensation
  • Comes with a leather case


  • Running out of battery fast

2. DUMSAMKER TDS Meter - Best For Ease To Use

Feature Highlights

  • Measuring range 0 – 9990 ppm
  • Automatically turns off after 2 minutes
  • Automatically save information
  • Signal light 

This TDS meter features a compact and maintenance-free design. You just need to put it in water, and it will give instant results. As can be seen, it is very simple to use, and the results are also very accurate.

Besides, the red indicator light design on the screen makes reading your results easier than ever. After the machine is in the water for about 1 inch, immediately the red light will light up if your water is having an excessive amount of TDS. The light will turn green when the water is at a safe level.

Based on this signal, you don’t have to read the number to see the result. This product is also an option for the long term. Its design can withstand wear and tear and remains in good use.


  • Large measuring range
  • Signal light
  • Long-lasting
  • High precision
  • No maintenance required


  • Can only be calibrated once when first used

3. Health Metric Professional TDS Meter - Best User Support

Feature Highlights

  • Can be recalibrated
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Auto off
  • Measuring range 0 – 9999 ppm
  • Weight 2.06 ounces 

The Health Metrics meter is extremely light and handy. You can bring it anywhere, especially essential for those with a suburban cannabis garden.

The measuring head of this product is made of durable and high-precision titanium. So you won’t have to spend a lot of money on testing your water. Besides, you always monitor your water to ensure heavy metals do not infect the cannabis garden in the water.

In particular, it also comes with a free e-book that provides relevant information about TDS. Through it, you will gain more useful knowledge about this indicator. At the same time, you can know the safe and dangerous levels of the water flow through intuitive and vivid graphs.


  • Correction is allowed
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High efficiency
  • Comes with an instruction book


  • The stagnant screen makes it difficult to read

4. GroTheory TDS Meter - Best For Ease To Read

Feature Highlights

  • Auto lock
  • With backlight
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Accuracy ± 2% 

This multifunction meter can help you test TDS from the lab to the outside area. In particular, it has a large screen with clear numbers. You won’t have much trouble reading the index.

The screen also supports backlighting for better viewing in dimly lit places. However, it is not enough for you to see clearly in the dark.

The device comes with an auto-lock function. You can take advantage of this point when you have just finished testing the water so that the numbers will show up more accurately.

High-quality titanium test head protected by a cap. You can also use the protective cap to hold the test water. However, remember to dry it before putting the pen back on. Thus, the protection of the meter, in the long run, will be better.

This TDS meter has compact dimensions and safe construction. Therefore, you can carry it with you as a living item. If you often go looking for cannabis soil, it is very convenient to check the water flow.


  • Auto-lock
  • High precision
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Big screen
  • Notification backlight


  • Consumes battery fast

5. Hofun TDS Meter - Best For Large Screens

Feature Highlights

  • Backlit screen
  • Auto-off
  • Weight 1.44 ounces
  • Leather case included
  • Automatic temperature compensation feature 

This TDS machine possesses advanced technology with high updates. The probe is made of high-quality titanium alloy, so the ability to give very accurate results. In addition, it also features temperature compensation to ensure reliable measurements at all times.

However, these characteristics do not necessarily make a difference from the meter. Because manufacturers are now aiming for quality products for users. 

Therefore, finding an easy and convenient meter is not difficult, and the results are always correct.

But a machine that meets all the above factors and comes with a large backlit LCD screen, perhaps only Hofun can do it well. Obviously, it is a modern digital design and has a small size. However, the screen is overwhelmingly large, therefore, the numbers appear very clearly and cannot cause any confusion.

Thanks to this feature, you will have no problem using the meter outdoors. In particular, you can still see all the data clearly at night in low light conditions, a period when many devices are rendered useless.

The manufacturer has invested a lot in the display. Therefore, there will be a lot of convenient utilities related to where this result will be displayed. One of them is that it has a green light notification. When this light comes on, your water is ready for drinking or best for watering your cannabis garden.

If you hate having to squint at the numbers after measuring, then come to Hofun so that your eyes will not fall into an uncomfortable state again.


  • Reliable results
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • Self-compensation for temperature
  • Advanced measuring technology


  • No backup warranty

6. HM Digital TDS Tester - Best For Battery Durability

Feature Highlights

  • Auto off function
  • Made from plastic
  • Weight 1.12 ounces
  • Battery life 1000 hours
  • Measuring range 0 – 9990 ppm 

Coming from the HM brand, TDS-EZ also has many outstanding features of the AP-2. Specifically, you will find that both have easy-to-read screens, using modern microprocessor technology, so the results are always timely and accurate.

Of course, it also has the function of saving data. However, the durability of this product is not as good as the AP-2. But on the contrary, it has a long battery life.

The battery life of the device is about 1000 hours of use. Very suitable for you to explore the suburban cannabis growing site or go camping or hiking, climbing. In general, this machine is useful for people who are often away from home for a long time.

When buying the machine, the manufacturer provides you with 2 1.5V mobile batteries. Based on this, you can think about its long-term use.

After 10 minutes of non-use, the watch will automatically turn off to save battery. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when you forget to turn off your phone that day because you are too hasty to leave the house.

If you often have a lot of activities away from home or have a suburban cannabis garden, think about choosing this product.


  • Good battery life
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Save data
  • Suitable for travel


  • No backup warranty

7. WoEluone Professional TDS Tester - Best For Working At Night

Feature Highlights

  • Auto lock
  • Automatically turns off after 2 minutes
  • Auto save
  • Measuring range 0 – 9990 ppm
  • Green and red signal lights 

This WoEluone design is perfect for working at night. The screen is equipped with low-energy backlight technology. Therefore, in the dark or dimly lit places, the display is very clear so it is easy for you to read the index.

The pen also has a red light to indicate that the water is exceeding the safe level. You rely on this point to exchange water for plants.

This feature is very suitable for those who habitually visit the cannabis garden in the evening. You can still monitor the water easily to keep pests under control. At the same time, afternoon and early morning are good times to test the water.

In addition, the machine also has an auto-off function. However, the wait time is only 2 minutes. Batteries are very unlikely to drain. Therefore, this device can be used for a long time and is suitable for travel.


  • Signal light
  • Auto off
  • Thin and light pen
  • High quality titanium head
  • Has a save function


  • High precision

8. HM Digital DM-1 In-Line Dual TDS Monitor - Best For Exceptional Design

Feature Highlights

  • Battery life 1000 hours
  • High-end processor
  • Auto off
  • Weight 1.6 ounces 

This watch has the most different design compared to the introduced products. It doesn’t take the form of a thermometer. Its design consists of a screen with small control buttons and two electrode outputs.

At that time, you do not directly plug the machine into the water. Instead, you use two ends of the cord to plug into the water system. Compared to other devices, this machine is a bit more difficult to use. However, the settings are very simple. So, you only have difficulty at first use.

Although the appearance is not modern and a bit complicated, it gives more accurate and efficient results. Besides, the processor inside applies modern technology. Therefore, it is still guaranteed to be a suitable device for the market.


  • Highly accurate results
  • Simple installation
  • The battery automatically turns off after 10 minutes
  • Battery life 1000 hours
  • Modern microprocessor


  • A bit difficult to use with some people 

9. Lxuemlu TDS Meter - Best For Outstanding Locking Function

Feature Highlights

  • Auto off
  • Measuring range 0 – 9990 ppm
  • Data hold function
  • Weight 0.634 ounces 

The auto-lock function is one of the essentials of a TDS meter. It is not only convenient but also ensures battery saving for the device. Today, most modern machines have this advantage. So the locking capabilities of this TDS Meter are much more special.

When automatically turned off, it also automatically saves the measured result. So, if you are struggling and haven’t read the index yet, don’t be afraid to waste time measuring again. This feature is also useful in comparing different water sources.

Besides, this machine also has an interesting feature that many people like. Instead of having to replace the battery every time it runs out, this pen allows you to charge the battery. This advantage will help you increase the life of your device while saving on battery costs.


  • Save
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Auto off function
  • Auto data-hold function


  • Fast battery drain

10. iSpring TDS Meter - Best In Terms Of Price

Feature Highlights

  • Auto off Function
  • Comes with a leather case and instructions for use
  • Weight 1.76 ounces
  • Lock function
  • Made from plastic 

This high-quality digital product performs effectively in various environments such as faucets, bottles, wells, streams, etc. This uniform material is useful for you to use it to test your drinking water source at the same time. Check the water for the cannabis plants. Ensure a healthy family and pest-free plants at a low cost.

In addition to highly accurate measurements, it also has an auto-off mode when not in use to save battery. The Hold button helps you lock and save data. You can use this button when you have important parameters to store.

It meets all the standards of a good TDS meter. However, the price is very modest. It is cheaper than most of the devices mentioned above. Therefore, iSpring will be the ideal choice for those who want to save money.


  • High precision measuring ability
  • Versatile
  • Effective use in many different environments
  • Auto off
  • Leather case included


  • Indicators are sometimes unclear 

Buying Guide For The Best TDS Meters

For a beginner to learn about this machine, it will be difficult for you to choose because the market is so diverse. Besides, brands always have very good marketing programs. As a result, you don’t really know which product is right for you.

To make you less confused, when buying a machine due to TDS, please pay attention to the following 3 issues:

1. Ability to measure

The ability to measure is the first feature you have to pay attention to. Because, no matter how many features a machine has, but the measurement results are inaccurate and slow, it is not suitable for the intended use.

To evaluate the measurement of a machine, you should care about the technology they use, specifically here the processor. The higher the quality of the microprocessor, the more accurate and timely the measurement results will be.

Besides, the metals present in the machine components are also important. They can affect your water supply, making it dangerous for your body and your cannabis plant.

2. Ability to save battery

Battery life is the life of the device. Therefore, a device that quickly runs out of battery means that you will have to buy a new machine.

In addition to checking battery life, a device that has the ability to turn itself off when not in use is also an important factor in increasing battery life. Today, most of the machines have this feature. Therefore, you will rely on the number of minutes to wait before turning off, the faster the better.

In addition, if you want to use the device for a long time, you should also use the battery more economically. You can actively turn off the device when not in use to preserve the battery.

3. Price

Many people think a higher price means a higher quality product. The reality is not quite so, you can find very good machines at an affordable price. Specifically, the devices from the growing brand still meet well in terms of use value. Besides, the price will always be cheaper than the big brands.

Therefore, you should research many different models and brands before making a purchase decision.

If you have money, don’t miss out on high-priced products. Really at a certain price range, the experience you get will be very different.


The indicators that appear on TDS are very interesting. They will provide you with valuable and useful information for your health and your cannabis plant.

Which brand is best for TDS meters?

It is difficult for you to evaluate the best TDS meter. Because, each place will have its strengths with a separate price. So, depending on personal experience, you can choose a favorite manufacturer.

The machines mentioned in the article come from the top brands that many users trust, and you can refer to those options.

Are TDS meters accurate?

If your meter range is greater than 1000 ppm, you must accept that the results will always fluctuate within ±20ppm. However, this result only occurs when the accuracy is 2% fs.

What is the best TDS level for drinking water?

The taste of drinking water must meet the correct number below 300 mg/liter. From 300-600 mg/liter, the deliciousness has not decreased significantly. 

But from 600 mg/liter or more, you will find the water tastes strange, and they have a risk of affecting health. Especially if the number is greater than 1200mg/liter, this water cannot be drunk.

Can we drink low TDS water?

It is thought that water with low TDS levels does not affect health. However, with cannabis plants, it is different; you must adjust the TDS level to match the seed to get the best results.

What is a bad TDS reading?

According to the EPA, water with a return of 500ppm is suitable for drinking. Measurements for numbers higher than 1000ppm are dangerous. When it exceeds 2000ppm, the meter will not show accurate results, and this water is extremely toxic to humans.


From those top-rated machines, do you have the best TDS meter for you? If you have chosen, bring it back quickly so you can identify safe water sources around you. 

It’s okay if you haven’t chosen yet; please review the purpose and the budget you are willing to spend. In just a few minutes, you will have your answer right away. 

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