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How Much Water To Put In A Bong? Guides & Useful Tips To Follow

The amount of water poured into the bong is very important because it largely determines your drug enjoyment experience. How much water to put in a bong

You can pour ½ inch (1 – 1.5cm) from the bottom up. You can also add more as long as the water doesn’t splash in your mouth.

However, there are ground rules so that adding water becomes easier. Do you see where the best water level will be in the tank? Find the answer in this article.

How Much Water To Put In A Bong?

How much water to put in a bong
How much water to put in a bong?

There is no set level for how much water you need to fill the tank. Depending on the size of the pot you use, the amount of water will be more or less. However, you should pour the water so that the body is slightly submerged in the water.

If the bottom of your tank has slots to create more air for the smoke, make sure the water in the tank is complete in these slots.

If there is no slot, you can pour ½ inch from the bottom up. You can also add more as long as the water doesn’t splash in your mouth.

You pour the water slowly and do the test. If the water is too full, the smoke will filter through successfully. Besides, more water increases the resistance to hitting the water bongs, which will cause them to burst.

When you find it difficult to draw from your straw, remove some of the water.

When removing water, be careful not to add too much. If the water is too little, the smoke is not filtered and cooled. So, it is hot and harsh; the taste is not good.

If you do not see the water bubbling during the suction process or feel it is too harsh, add more water.

Bong Water Levels When Using Ice

Bong water levels when using ice
Bong water levels when using ice

The manufacturer has created an ice trap or an ice clip to put in the bong for a smooth inhale. You will give ice through the mouthpiece.

The ice mixed with the water creates a relaxed atmosphere, so there is also this coolness. Taking a breath is refreshing.

However, the water will eventually dissolve. Therefore, if you miscalculate the ratio of water and ice to the bong, you may experience water overload. At this time, the smoke, instead of cool, turns into hot and very unpleasant black.

So you need to think carefully. For example, when you add a lot of ice, you need to limit water. It would help to ensure the amount of water in the tank is always enough to cover the downpipe and the diffuser slots.

You can add more ice than water because the coolness of the ice is very refreshing. After melting, it still retains its stability. So you can still enjoy this cool air for a long time.

When you use a traditional conduit, the entire end must be submerged underwater, as is evident. However, you can get around this by using a multicolor system. This system does not need to be submerged at first.

How To Fill A bong With Water?

Filling A Bong With Water
Filling A Bong With Water

If you already know how much water to put in the jar, you have to learn how to put water in the pot. Improper water removal can mess up your system and affect your experience.

Pour water into the single bong

With single or vertical tubes, filling the tank is very simple. You need to pour water into the mouthpiece. You pour until the bottom part sinks into the water and covers the amplifier slots if any.

If you find the mouthpiece too small to be comfortable for water to enter, you can remove the bottle’s body. Then, fill the water to the specified level and reinstall the tank as usual.

This disassembly method is somewhat more complicated, but the water pours in quickly and does not fall out.

Pour water into the multi-cavity bong

Bongs with multiple cavities are a bit complicated to get water in. However, similar to the single, you need to put water in the bottom. Therefore, the best way is to let the water go through the mouthpiece.

When pouring water, make sure the water goes down the holes below. If the water can’t go down completely, use a straw to let it down. Or you can tilt the straw to the side to let the waterfall into the lower pitcher.

As the water settles down, check to make sure all the parts are submerged. If the water does not meet that requirement, you continue to pour water into the upper chambers.

Note, you must not leave any compartment filled with water. If a cavity is accidental with water, tilt the bong to the bottom to empty it.

You can choose to fill with water with joints in the body instead of pouring from the top into the water, which is more difficult to move. 

What Is The Effect Of Bong Water?

The Effect Of Bong Water
The Effect Of Bong Water

During combustion, smoke will be produced. By nature, this smoke is hot and somewhat spicy. It heats your throat and even your lungs if you accidentally suck in. When you inhale too much, you can suffocate and produce a cough.

In particular, smoke is from the hand suction pipes, with no additional cooling feature, so the smoke maintains its original heat. It is very toxic to the lungs of smokers and people who accidentally inhale it.

Meanwhile, the bong is different. It has water to create a smoke-conditioned environment before reaching the lungs.

The smoke produced instead of directly entering the lungs will travel through pipes and the water. Next, it moves up to the chamber and then to the smoker. Therefore, users find it more and more comfortable.

Today, the creativity of manufacturers has created many different system ways to cool the smoke. Cooling is getting better and better. This user feedback is also more positive.

Why Is Water Level Important

When you don’t use enough water, you will find the smoke hotter than usual. It will cause discomfort and frustration, affecting your smoking experience. To fix it, you need to add a little water.

Similarly, a bong that is too full will also cause certain discomforts. Although there is no dry feeling, natural smoking is more complicated.

The excessive amount of water may have created an invisible drag that makes your smoking a bit extreme, making you feel frustrated.

Or, after you take a breath, the bubbly water splashing up can because the bowl to splash. If the bowl is wet, the drug experience will be interrupted because you have to stop to make the bowl dry. 

Besides, it would help if you also dried the previously loaded shoots.

The troubles of putting too much water into the bong don’t stop there. You will find it even more annoying when the toke or particular hole is too low.

Every time you tilt the bellows to use, the water will overflow. After a while, your place of enjoyment will become wet and boring.

You can even get water in your mouth if the bongs are too much water. This water doesn’t taste good and will make you lose your taste buds to taste the medicine.

As you can see, it would be terrible if you kept putting water in the bong. A series of troubles will occur. Therefore, you should adjust it properly so that the water level in the tank does not cause any fear to the user.

Should Guest Liquid Be Used Instead Of Bong Water?

Guest Liquid Be Used Instead Of bong Water
Guest Liquid Be Used Instead Of bong Water

With smokers, they are always looking for new flavors. Therefore, they always hatched the idea of ​​replacing water with a new kind of solution.

Alcohol is a top suggestion. However, many people are also concerned because they are afraid that alcohol will make them drunk.

You are only drunk if you drink vodka or beer or some other intoxicating drink.

But this also doesn’t mean that you should use alcoholic beverages as a substitute for water because THC and the cannabinoids that are important for smokers to feel great are soluble in alcohol.

So, no matter how much you try to inhale, the final feeling of pleasure will not be there. Thus, the characteristic of smoking has been lost, so this replacement is ineffective.

Another suggestion is sugary drinks. Use fat-free and, of course, alcohol-free soft drinks. Although they do not cause any disadvantages, they do not make for an excellent experience.

After all, water that is both plentiful and cheap is still a reasonable choice. If you want an incredible feeling of pleasure after every smoke, you should still stick to the classic taste.

For more detailed guidelines, you can check out this video below:


How much water to put in a bong? You pour the water slowly and align. Make sure the bottom is completely in the water. Then you try to take a few breaths.

If you are satisfied with the taste, then leave it as is. Otherwise, you can add water or pour it out. Have fun with passion!

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