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How to Build a Grow Room

In recent years, growing cannabis brings high economic value, so it is increasingly popular. People often build indoor grow rooms to ensure privacy. For saving, making your growing room is chosen by many people. But, very few people probably know about this. Here is a guide on how to build a weed grow room to bring the highest efficiency.

Building a grow room is an important part of growing cannabis. Therefore, the better you make the planting room, the stronger the cannabis plant will grow, and the higher the yield will be.

If you don’t have much knowledge on this topic, you might think that making your room is difficult. In fact, you can make the grow room extremely simple. Record right now nine basic steps to make the best lawn room yourself.

The process of making your indoor lawn room includes the following nine steps:

Step 1: Find A Suitable Space

find a suitable space
Space conditions for a weed grow room

First, to build a quality growing room, you must choose the right space. The growing room needs to provide them with the best conditions to grow.

Cannabis is a rather special plant. Therefore, the growing environment should be suitable for the growing conditions of the plant.

The requirements for the growing environment of cannabis include: The space has good light resistance, the room must be closed, and the temperature and humidity are stable. In addition, the room also needs to have good waterproofing.

Some basic conditions people need to determine when choosing a space to grow a lawn.

Is it big enough?

The space of the lawn room does not need to be too large. In fact, many successful grow room models start from small spaces.

There is no exact figure for the maximum size of the lawn space. However, you should choose a large enough space to ensure that your cannabis can grow at its best.

How many trees do you want to plant?

The right size of space depends on how many plants you have. Therefore, you should determine the number of plants before making a planting room.

For example, Initially, if you want to experiment with growing a small number of about a dozen plants, the growing room can be a small space.

Similarly, if you want to grow tens or hundreds of plants, you need to choose a large space to make a planting room.

Determining the number of plants to plant will help you prepare the planting room equipment. At the same time, based on the number of plants, you can arrange the space in the planting room most reasonably.

Is the planting site near a power source?

The growing room needs equipment to create the best growing conditions for the plant. They can be lights, fans, dehumidifiers, heaters, coolers, etc. These devices will need to use a fairly large power source.

Therefore, when choosing the space of the growing room, you should also determine if it is near the power source. Planting a room near the power source is convenient and saves the cost of the power line design.

Are you near a water source?

Plant growth cannot be without water. In particular, cannabis requires quite strict growing conditions. For example, the water for their irrigation should be pure filtered water.

So, you should take note of the source of water for the plants. You should not use unfiltered water to irrigate it. In addition, it can also cause your grass to grow slowly, even the grass will die.

Thus, when choosing a space as a planting room, you should choose a location near the water source. Make sure this is a clean, pure water source. Planting a room near the water source makes lawn care more convenient.

Will noise be an issue?

The planting process will certainly have noise. The water pumps, lights, and fans make noise when in use. Therefore, you need a growing room that has good noise resistance.

You want the planting needed to ensure confidentiality and privacy. You don’t want your neighbors and neighbors to complain about the noise. Pay attention to the problem of choosing the best noise-proof space.

How is the floor?

You should not plant cannabis directly on the floor because it is difficult to drain and allows bacteria to grow.

The flooring material of the lawn room must ensure hardness, firmness, and good moisture resistance, easy to clean.

If you’re starting out from a space with a concrete floor, it’s best to cover it with paint or epoxy.

Step 2: Clear The Designated Planting Room Space

cleaning the grow room
Cleaning the grow room

Cleaning the grow room should be an important step when building your own grow room.

Your growing room must always be clean, cool, and need to grow well. Once you’ve chosen the space, you need to start cleaning it up.

Make sure the growing room is clean before bringing the growing containers into the room.

The floor of the room also needs to be cleaned daily. Please keep the room clean so that bacteria and mold do not have the conditions to grow.

Step 3: Create A Completely Light-Proof Growing Room

light proof growing room
Light-Proof Growing Room

Plants need to be grown in an enclosed space, away from natural light. Therefore, you need to create a planting room that is completely protected from light from the outside.

In the enclosed grow room, you have set up your lighting system. To ensure consistency for the best growth, block out other light from outside.

If the room has small doors or gaps, you should block it. In addition, you can use reflectors to block outside light completely.

Reflectors are very useful. It can help you prevent the light in the room from escaping. At the same time, it blocks natural light from entering your growing room.

Step 4: Configure Your Space

configure your space
Configure the room space

The next step you need to do is configure the room space. You can choose from one of three space configurations:

Option 1: Set up on the entire grow room space

Option 2: Create a grow room in a room (Using a grow tent)

Option 3: Convert using an enclosed space (Can be a wardrobe, closed cabinet)

All three of these grow room structures are guaranteed to be suitable for growing cannabis. However, for cannabis to grow at its best, you need to pay attention to the spacing between plants. Specifically:

Option 1: Set Up Entire Room

setting up the whole room
Set Up Entire Room

Setting up the whole room is that you use the entire large area of ​​​​the room to grow marijuana. You will arrange the large planting containers throughout the room.

With this texture, be sure to arrange the planting containers properly. Planting containers need to ensure the correct growing distance for the best cannabis. At the same time, if you place it evenly, the weed will grow evenly, and the temperature and air control will be easier.

In this growing room, you need to make sure that the rescue distance is 1.2 x 1.2m to have a lamp. It will provide light for your needs.

Option 2: Set Up Multiple Rooms In One Room

Setting up multiple grow rooms in one room is how you use grow tents. You can buy various grow tents to put in the same room.

setting up multiple grow rooms
Setting up multiple grow rooms

The benefits of this spatial configuration are:

  • Better control of temperature and humidity in the growing room
  • Space conditions are always maintained at an optimal level
  • Lighting is always at its best
  • Prevent pests from entering
  • Limit the sources of disease, mold caused by bacteria on cannabis.

In particular, with this configuration, the entire space outside the planting tent will not be affected. You can also use the space for many different purposes

Planting celery in the tent will be more closed, and the effect will also be better. However, each tent will only grow a limited amount.

The grow tent needs to be the right size for the growth of cannabis.

Option 3: Converting Enclosed Spaces

Alternatively, you can convert growing in a closed room space. It could be a wall cabinet or a wardrobe.

convert cabinet wardrobe grow room
Converting in the cabinet

The wall cabinet or wardrobe is a small but closed area, so it is very suitable for growing cannabis. This space ensures high security.

In particular, you can control the temperature of the growing room in the cabinet space very easily. It is an advantage that makes this a space that many new growers need to choose.

In addition, the cost of growing in the cabinet is also lower than in other spaces.

Step 5: Choose The Right Grow Light System

Light is an indispensable condition for the growth of the weed. Therefore, you need to invest in “artificial light” for your growing room.

cannabis grow light
Grow Light System

Each type of lamp will create the right kind of light for each stage of its development. Usually, people divide the lights in the room into two types according to their use: main growth lights and supplemental growth lights.

  • Electric power of the lamp
  • Areas of space that need to use lights in the growing room: an area for planting containers, equipment, area for nutrients, etc…
  • Investment budget to buy lights and pay for electricity costs
  • The power consumption rate of lamps
  • Area of ​​space to determine the number of lights to use

Here’s a look at some of the best lamps for growing booms. These lamps will be grouped according to each stage of boom development.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

High-Intensity Discharge Lamps have good usability but are very hot, so they need to be placed far away.

  • Metal Halide (MH): This type of lamp produces a lot of blue light, which is good for the growth of the weed.
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS): Produces a red light that stimulates flowering

Fluorescent Lamp

Fluorescent lights are enough to light with low cost, energy-saving, and the ability to keep the space cool.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

LED lights are simple to install, have good lighting effects, and soften the space, so they are increasingly popular. The lamp helps the grass grow well and produce more flowers.

Additional Growth Lights

Additional growth lamps are used to broaden the spectrum. This type of lamp does not stimulate growth, but it does contribute to improving cannabis production. Because these lights have wavelengths outside the PAR range – the growth aid range. Some suggestions for you:

  • Plasma: This has more wavelengths outside the PAR range that contribute to improved yields per harvest.
  • CDM: There are many waves outside of the PAR range but also some within the PAR range. Therefore, it both supports the growth and increases the yield of cannabis.

Primary grow lights are required, and supplementary grow lights are not. But, it will be better if you use additional grow lights. It will help your crop to have the best yield.

Step 6: Set Up The Air Circulation System

air circulation system
Air Circulation System

Air circulation in the growing room is your most important task. The ever-increasing room always needs to have fresh, fresh air for the grass to grow well.

Why is air circulation in the growing room necessary?

Marijuana usually takes in CO2 and gives off warmth. Meanwhile, your lights also give off heat. If the air is not circulating, the room is airtight, and your weed will be free of CO2. Thus, the tree is difficult to grow, and even the tree may die.

The room to grow grass needs to be ventilated to help air circulate. It is best to let the old air out and fresh air into the room continuously. It creates optimal conditions for cannabis to thrive.

Does air circulation depend on?

The air circulation in the growing room depends on the main factors, including:

  • The number of lights in the growing room: A room with many lights, a large amount of heat needs better air circulation.
  • Planting room area: The larger the room, the more air exchange is necessary.
  • Time of year: For example, less air needs to be drawn in the winter than in the summer months.

Air Inlets (Intake Fans)

Intake fan keeps the air fresh and cool. This device helps to draw in fresh air from the outside.

It contributes to creating a well-ventilated space for the growing room, eliminating unpleasant odors.

Air Outlet (Exhaust Fans)

For large growing rooms, you need to install an additional air outlet or exhaust system.

The equipment helps circulate the air inside to the outside of the growing room. It is capable of circulating large volumes of air in a short time.

Air Movement (Wall Fan or Floor Fan)

To circulate air in the room, you can choose to use a wall fan or a portable fan on the floor. These devices help circulate air evenly throughout the room.

The most effective place to place the exhaust fan is at the end of the room and one opposite near the top. These two fans will help circulate air evenly around your growing space.

Wall fans help circulate air evenly around the room.

Eliminate Odor

During development, it should be possible to release waste products with an unpleasant odor. To keep the growing room clean, cool, and optimal air, install additional odor removal devices such as carbon filters.

The carbon filter helps filter cleanroom air, absorb the gas, and remove odors in the room.


For convenience purposes, you can use devices with a timer function. Automated devices help you choose and set the mode and time of air circulation. When the air in the room reaches the standard, it will automatically shut off.

This device both saves electricity and saves you from having to check the growing room many times. Your task is just to turn on the device, and when the air circulation stabilizes, it will turn off.

Step 7: Setting Up Climate Control

control the room climate
Control the room climate

To create an optimal grow room environment, it is very important to control the room climate. Make sure the temperature and humidity in the room are always suitable for the growth of the weed. You need to control and adjust these factors. Specifically:


The growing room needs to be at the right temperature. The room temperature should be neither too high nor too low.

For small grow rooms such as wardrobes and indoor cabinets, adjusting the temperature is quite simple. But when your growing space is located in the garage or basement, it is very difficult to balance the temperature. At that time, you should invest in heaters and coolers (AC) to regulate the temperature.


Humidity has a big impact on the growth of neem, and you need to control it.

High humidity environments are favorable conditions for mold growth. These fungi adversely affect the leaves and shoots.

However, when the humidity is low, the roots will absorb a lot of water and excess salt. This results in slow growth and low quality.

As such, the grass needs the right moisture to ensure the best growth. For large-scale grow rooms, add a dehumidifier. It will help you control the humidity in the best lawn room.

Support Tools

Support tools to help control the best room temperature and humidity, Therefore, you should equip additional support tools, including a controller and hygrometer for the room.

The controller and hygrometer help to accurately measure the humidity and temperature in the room. You can determine the actual moisture and make appropriate adjustments.

Step 8: Prepare Nutrients And Farming Equipment

preparation of nutrients
Nutrients and Fertilizers

Your growing media is very important. It impacts plant growth.

In addition to the space conditions such as humidity, light, … Plants need to be provided with nutrients. The preparation of nutrients will help promote the growth of the grass.

You will have to prepare a container in advance to plant grass. Each grow box can grow from one or more plants depending on the size of the box and the type of seed needed.

In the first stage, you have to prepare the nutrients and put them in the planting container. After that, you just put grass seeds or young plants in the container.

During the growing process, you need to add nutrients, fertilizers, and water to your needs. For convenience, you should store this source of nutrients inside the growing room.

Use containers to store nutrients. At the same time, drying weed in a grow room space for best preservation.

Step 9: Check Safely In Grow Room

The growing room needs to be built in an enclosed space, so it is difficult to avoid incidents. You need to ensure safety factors for your growing room. Some things to keep in mind are:

Electrical Equipment

In a closed room, it is easy to have line-related problems. To ensure the safety of electrical equipment, you should use cable ties to keep the wiring system neat.

Absolutely do not let electrical equipment and ballasts come into contact with water. It increases the risk of line fires and equipment failure.

You also need to maintain and check electrical wiring and equipment regularly. It will help the electrical equipment always work well to satisfy the need to grow.

Clean The Room

In the initial stage, cleaning the growing room also needs to occur continuously during the growing process.

For example, let’s add a tray specializing in collecting decayed, damaged leaves of the weed. The collection not only cleans the room but also quickly destroys mold. You will prevent it from spreading to new leaves and shoots.

Fire Extinguisher

To prevent fire, the room should have fire extinguishers. Place the jars in the most convenient locations. In the event of an unexpected problem, you can use them quickly and conveniently.

If you don’t know how to grow weed indoor?, we’ve got a great article on the topic.


In addition, you must not allow children and pets to come into contact with the devices in the room. They may be in danger or have misconfigurations that cause room conditions to change. This is detrimental to grass growth.

Cannabis grow is a business with high economic value. In the beginning, stage, making your room brings many benefits to you. The above 9 basic steps on how to grow a weed plant in a room are all the necessary information on how to make a room grow. 

We wish you the best growing room for yourself. Do not forget to control room conditions for good grass growth and high yield.

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