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How To Hit A Bong (Ultimate Guide & Tips)

According to some statistics, up to 12% of adults in the United States smoke marijuana. More than 40 million people, not a small number.

With more than 40 million people, many choose to smoke marijuana with a bong instead of the traditional way.

Are you learning and want to try this popular method of enjoying marijuana but don’t know how to use bong? Here are the main steps: 

  • Prepare to bong
  • Burning bong
  • Hitting the bong
  • The aftermath

This article will help you solve how to hit a bong in detail. Do not skip any information, and you will have the best experience!

Materials needed

Materials needed
Materials needed

All you need to prepare is fire, balloons, straws, marijuana, and water. The above four items are essential to enjoying marijuana. Water – the last element, is the most controversial.

When you hit a bong, the water acts as a filter aid, cleaning up the smoke. According to many studies, the presence of water when smoking marijuana will reduce the THC content in cannabis. And, of course, many people do not support this reduction.

However, if you are a beginner, directly inhaling high concentrations of marijuana smoke is not a good idea. You’re better off still preparing the tool the traditional way for the first time.

In addition to learning whether water is necessary or not, you also need to consider the type of water used.

Purified tap water is a popular choice. In particular, some people love to use liquids with a different taste than pure water to find new sensations.

Bong structure

Bongs structure
Bongs structure

There are many different shapes and sizes for you to choose. There are balloons with a zig-zag formation, and there are also homemade ones, small in size. If you are new to the bong, you should look for standard equipment to avoid having difficulty using it.

Before you start hitting a bong, you should understand the structure of a simple bong. One set of straws will include:

  • Bowl: located on the straw, responsible for holding the marijuana. Some common bowl materials are glass, steel, and copper.
  • Body: attached to the bowl.
  • Base: located at the bottom, in addition to retaining water, it is also a place to accumulate smoke when rising from the water.
  • Pipe: has a long cylindrical shape, bringing smoke from the base to the suction pipe. 

How to hit a bong

Once you’ve grasped the structure and prepared all the necessary materials, it’s time to hit a bong. First, let’s start with the bong setup:

Prepare to bong

First, fill the balloon with water through the mouthpiece.

You can use mineral water or tap water as you like. Regarding the amount of water, we cannot give a specific number.

The amount of water you pour in should be no more than 1 inch above the top of the downspout. If you try to refill, some inconvenience such as water may splash while you are smoking.

The second step, crush your marijuana. You can use your hands or use the help of scissors or a grinder or grinder.

Ensure your cannabis becomes as smooth and as small as possible. Don’t skip this step because you won’t want to inhale large, nasty pieces of marijuana.

Next, put the cannabis in the bong, before adding the finely powdered cannabis to the bowl, place in the bottom of the bowl a few large pieces of marijuana.

These pieces of cannabis will act as a filter to prevent the powder from leaving the bowl while you are smoking.

The amount of marijuana you put in the bowl depends on the number of people with you enjoying the marijuana.

Burning bong

Burning bongs
Burning bongs

After completing the settings, it’s time for you to proceed with the heating operations. But before that, you should find a suitable spot to enjoy marijuana.

It’s best to stay in an open space to avoid being engulfed in smoke. Besides, you should also make sure the area around you is free of flammable objects.

In the next step, hold the ball with your non-dominant hand. You can hold around the suction chamber or the lower part of the straw. Then use your dominant hand to light the fire.

The lighting step also requires some technique. You need the lighter so that the flame is at the edge of the marijuana in the bowl.

Do not put the flame in the bowl’s center because this action will accelerate the burning of the cannabis. Your goal is to keep the marijuana longer. Therefore, do not rush in this step.

Hitting the bong

Hitting the bong
Hitting the bong

When you ignite the marijuana in the bowl, smoke will appear. Of course, with the construction of the bong, your lungs will not immediately fill with smoke.

All you need to do now is inhale slowly and use only your breath to draw the smoke into the smoke chamber.

Once you have the desired amount of smoke, stop lighting the fire. If your ball has extra carbs, cover it with your finger.

You can smoke until the entire chamber of the bong is filled with smoke. However, you absolutely can choose only to need to smoke half the cavity.

When you remove the bowl from your body, you can also stop covering the carbs with your hands. To clear the smoke in the chamber, you can continue to inhale.

When you want to pause, continue to protect the carb with your fingers or put the bowl back in place.

The aftermath

Depending on the amount of cannabis, the time, you will feel relaxed or terrible. Of course, you aim to keep the smoke as much as possible, enhancing the experience as much as possible.

The experiences you can have are mind-blowing, hands-on emotional. Severe cough is also one of the not uncommon manifestations.

Whatever your occasion, if you do the suitable manipulations, the right amount of marijuana, the discomfort will not last long and be life-threatening.

Tips to hit a bong

Tips To Hit A Bong
Tips To Hit A Bong

To hit a bong like a real professional, you should refer to a few tips below:

In the first stage, the smoke should be slowly. After about half of the bottle, you should start to inhale sharply to push the rest of the smoke into your lungs. You can also wait until the pot is 2/3.

When hitting a bong, deep breathing is critical. To improve your lung capacity and endurance, you can look to diaphragm exercises. In addition, you need to avoid foods that harm your ability to breathe, specifically alcohol.

You can limit the frequent coughs that come up when smoking marijuana with peppermint. Mints and chewing gum are a few good suggestions.

Candy will moisten your throat, help you regulate saliva, and prevent dry mouth caused by smoke. You can add moisture to your mouth by drinking more water.

Slowly removing the bowl will help you control the smoke rate. Because if you remove the bowl, the smoke will immediately go through the straw into the lungs. It may be difficult for you to accept and handle such a sudden incident, which can easily damage your lungs and affect your experience.

Clean your bong

Clean Your Bong
Clean Your Bong

There’s one rule you need to keep in mind always to have the best taste when smoking marijuana: Keep your utensils clean.

Water that remains in the tank very quickly will be a growth medium for bacteria. Cannabis resin on straws can also bring in mold.

Cleaning the bong after use not only helps the taste of the purest cannabis but also protects your health.

Cleaning the balloon will not make you tired. All you need to do is remove the excess water. Then, use clean water at high temperatures to wash the bong, kill mold and bacteria. Finally, use a soft towel to dry the inside and outside of the balloon before storing it in a cool, dry place.

To remove sticky cannabis resin, you may need a more aggressive cleaning method. Alcohol wipes are one of them.

Don’t choose strong cleaners because, first, they don’t have much of an effect on cannabis resin. Second, it’s not easy to remove the scent of aromatherapy, affecting your experience. 


It’s not too difficult for you to hit a bong successfully. However, talking about hitting a bong professionally, can you confidently say that you understand it all?

To help you have the best experience, here are a few frequently asked questions and answers that promise to bring you a lot of exciting information:

How does hitting a bong work?

The basic principle of the operation of a bong is to ignite the marijuana, creating smoke. Smoke will be filtered, cooled by water to be in the best state for users.

Specifically, you will burn marijuana in a bowl. When you inhale the smoke produced by burning cannabis, the smoke passes through the water at the bottom of the balloon.

The smoke will cool down, add moisture then travel to the compartment. And finally, the smoke will be present in your lungs; you will directly feel the obvious effects that high THC content brings.

Should I crush marijuana?

You need to grind the marijuana before you smoke it.

If you skip this step, you may face some trouble:

  • Marijuana can clog pipes.
  • Marijuana burns unevenly.
  • Worst of all, marijuana with large patches will hurt you during the smoking process.

As mentioned, you can crush marijuana with your hands. Machine support is essential. Grinder will give you the smoothest cannabis ingredients ever.

Why should you buy a mini water bong?

There are many reasons why you should instead invest in a large-sized bong switch to a mini water bong.

First, the mini vacuum is highly portable. A bong the size of a Starbucks coffee or smaller is a lot easier to transport than a full-sized array of straws. You can even put it in your pocket without anything out of the ordinary.

Second, the mini vacuum is no less effective than those with a diameter of up to 30 cm. You can still hit a bong successfully and have great experiences with your tiny device.

And last but not least, the small size suction cup is an economical choice, at least compared to the standard size glass suction cup.

How to smoke a bong stacking hits?

As emphasized, breath control and deep breathing, and the keys to hitting a bong. Same with Bong Stacking Hits.

It would help if you remembered: Inhale slowly and steadily. 

  • First, when you turn on the lighter, inhale gently to release the smoke. 
  • Continue holding the breath, exhale gently until the breath is gone. 
  • With subsequent inhalations, you can inhale large amounts of smoke at once without overloading.

Does coughing make you higher?

You’ve probably heard many people share: No coughing, no choking, no really smoking.

In principle, coughing occurs when there is irritation to the lungs. The lungs use coughing as a way to expel air in response to those stimuli.

When you inhale marijuana. 95% THC absorbed within the first few seconds is a powerful stimulant. The more you inhale a more significant amount of marijuana than usual, the more intensely your lungs react.

However, if your cough is persistent and severe every time you smoke, you should consider reducing the rate and dose. Listening to your body adjust will give you a better experience than deliberately making yourself cough more.


We hope the information in this article is helpful to you. After referring to the instructions above, how to hit a bong and possible reactions will no longer cause you to worry if not performed correctly.

When it comes to adverse reactions, you may cough and choke on the first and many subsequent occasions.

Do not worry. You can control your cough. To do that, take your eyes off this article and start testing. Hit a bong today. Practical experience will help you understand your limits and what is good for your body.

Indeed, with just a few experiments, you will control not only the cough but also the experience of using marijuana.

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