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How To Roll A Cone Joint (6 Simple Steps)

Joints are one of the most basic ways to consume weed and one of weed usage’s most noticeable visual indicators.

A famous joint type is the cone joint. Since this method is a rebellious symbol, this style of rolling is popular among those interested in the aesthetic of consuming.

This article will discuss how to roll a cone joint. There are six steps in the process:

  • Step 1: Grind the herbs
  • Step 2: Make a filter
  • Step 3: Shape the cone
  • Step 4: Roll it up
  • Step 5: Pack and twist it
  • Step 6: Relax and smoke

Now, let’s dive in for detailed instructions!

What do you need to roll a cone joint?

If you’re going to roll a cone joint by hand, here is what you need to prepare:

  • Dry herbs
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter tips
  • Grinder

How to roll a cone joint by hand?

All the necessary tools and materials are at hand. It’s time to roll your cone joint.

Step 1: Grind the herbs

Begin by grinding the herbs. It would be best to consume marijuana if you live in a legal state. If you don’t live in a legal region, CBD cannabis with a THC level below the legal limit of 0.3 percent is advisable.

To decompose your dried herbs, you should utilize a grinder. If you use your hand directly, a lumpy joint would be more prone to damage while canoeing or boating.

Step 2: Make a filter

There are several options for the filter, such as wood tips, cardboard, or business card. To create a joint filter, start by cutting a small rectangle out of your chosen material.

Then, make a tiny M shape with that material on one side. You also need to roll it until you get the thickness you want.

If your filter looks bulky, you can remove or rip off any excess material. Although the filter may be unnecessary when using a joint, it will provide stability and prevent the horrible Scoobie snacks. The snacks happen when you unintentionally swallow the herb.

Remember that the cones don’t mean to get stuffed with grams of premium marijuana. They vary in size, so start with the same quantity of weed you’d use in a standard joint and adapt to your tastes.

Make a filter with hard paper
Make a filter with hard paper

Step 3: Shape the cone

Please take out the rolling papers and unfold them. Most rolling sheets come with a crease along the center. If there isn’t a crease in your papers, you need to do it before laying it.

Then, at one side of the rolling paper, line the filter. Then, gently fill the paper with your ground herbs. Remember to use the crease at the center point.

Start to form a cone by layering more herbs on the far end of the filter. Then, put fewer herbs as you get nearer. When you’ve done step 3, the unrolled joint will look like a baseball bat.

Your unrolled joint will look like a baseball bat at the end of step 3
Your unrolled joint will look like a baseball bat at the end of step 3.

Step 4: Roll it up

Start rolling the paper between your index finger and your thumb to compact the particles gently. You can pick it up entirely to roll it properly.

You may find it challenging to accomplish this step without spilling, but mastering it will make the overall process go faster and simpler.

Grab the end of the joint and move your thumb entirely across while folding the paper into its conical form after the herbs are in a more compressed bat shape.

To keep your cone smooth and tight, remember to move your thumb the whole length of your joint with each roll.

Then, apply some glue strips across the paper when the non-filter end has restricted paper left to roll. Continue to roll once you’ve finished.

Step 5: Pack and twist it

When you have built the cone shape, start packing it down. You may perform by lightly pressing the filter tip of the joint a few times or carefully compacting your herbs through the cone-head hole with the tip of a pen.

This step should leave a space between the end of the ground herbs and the paper’s actual end. You can twist the extra paper and squeeze it into a long point, forming the joint.

Don’t worry if your cone joint isn’t perfect. There are around 50 sheets of paper in each rolling paper bundle to work with.

Start to twist the joint.

Step 6: Relax and smoke

You’ve successfully created your cone joint. Now, it’s time to enjoy your work.

How to roll a premade cone?

Premade cones are perfect. Many people claim that they burn more smoothly. Because they’re larger towards the end, they have a distinctive burning. The hits get calmer as time goes on.

However, if the tube fails to protect the cones, they might get shattered or destroyed. Moreover, because such cones are available individually, they’re not ideal for rolling different joints at a time.

If you have a premade cone, the process is much simpler. You just need to follow these three steps:

Step 1: Funnel the cannabis

First, make a tube for the herb with a folded business card or paper. To fill the funnel, you’ll need about 34 and 2 grams of ground herb, depending on its size. Next, fill the cone with a handful of flowers at once using the funnel.

Step 2: Pack the herb

Press the ground material softly but don’t use too much pressure. It would be best to use a toothpick or a pen. Keep adding and packing the herb until you can touch the tip.

Step 3: Twist it up

Finally, make a piece of tinder for a hemp wick, a lighter, or a match. You also need to fold the final 1/ 4 inch of the cone joint into itself.

Raw premade cones are available in different sizes.

How to roll a cone joint with two pieces of paper?

If you want to enjoy the joint with your friends, you can utilize two sheets to make the perfect party favor. Here is how to roll a cone joint with two pieces of paper for more fun.

Step 1: Make an L paper

Set aside the ground herb while you prepare a king-size paper. Take two rolling sheets with both your hands, ensuring that the adhesive strip is pointing toward you. Make a 90-degree angle by putting them beside each other.

Now focus on the piece of paper in the right hand. The adhesive strip region should be concealed behind the sheet on the left hand, in the shape of an L letter.

Remember not to lick the leftover adhesive strip since you’ll need it eventually.

Step 2: Dry it out

Ensure the large piece of paper is completely dry before spreading the herbs on it. You need to lay it on a smooth surface, grasp it, and lightly press it against it with pressure to speed up the drying process.

Step 3: Roll it

You have your tool. Now, return to step one of the “How to roll a cone joint” section to continue your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smokers have shown their concerns regarding rolling a cone joint. Here are some of their frequently asked questions.

How tight should a cone joint be?

The cone joint should be tight, but it doesn’t require much force to lock tightly. It should be simple to tap and break.

Why do joints have a cone-like shape?

Cone joints are typically three inches long, including the length of the filter. They are broader at the tip than the bottom. Because of the progressive reduction in size and the cone shape, we often call them cone joints.

What's the best way to roll a joint using a pen?

Place the pen near the bottom of the sheet of paper, away from the sticky section. Start rolling the paper around the pen until you reach the tacky portion.

Is it possible to buy raw cones that have already been rolled?

The raw pre-rolled joint cones come with the famed unique raw blend of uncoated, natural fabrics with a sugar-based glue. You need to wrap the rolling paper to form a cone. Finally, add your weed, and you’re ready to go.


We have shared with you step-by-step instructions on how to roll a cone joint.

When you take out a flawlessly finished cone using this rolling technique, your joint will appear incredibly aesthetic. Whether you are a professional smoker or a novice, you will enjoy this smoking experience.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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