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How To Roll A Cross Joint in 7 Easy Steps

Smokers keep seeking a new way of consuming weed. The cross joint remains to be their top choice because of its unique smoking method. 

How to roll a cross joint? Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll get it:

  • Step 1: Roll the fat joint
  • Step 2: Roll the thin joint
  • Step 3: Make a hole in your fat joint
  • Step 4: Make a hole in your thin joint
  • Step 5: Form the cross 
  • Step 6: Tighten the intersection
  • Step 7: Light it up

We will discuss each step in detail. Let’s read on to discover!

Rolling paper for cross joints

You should pay attention to the importance of good rolling papers in the formation of any cross joint. Papers come in various forms, thicknesses, colors, tastes, and materials, which can lead to a wide range of endurance.

You know the misery of utilizing low-quality rolling sheets if you’ve had a good-looking cigar break down before igniting it. 

Finding the appropriate paper for you might be difficult, but the result must be rewarding once you do.

Rolling Paper For Cross Joints
Finding appropriate rolling paper is important

Grinding weed for cross joints

A successful experience always requires good weed. Besides, while rolling the joints, you also need the correct consistency of bud. You can use a grinder to have the proper consistency and volume of cannabis for the joints.

To produce a decent cross joint, you may need to grind about 1/8 pound of weed. Before you wrap, examine the ground bud for branches and other objects that might break the rolling papers.

What do you need to roll a cross joint?

First, let’s prepare the following materials to roll your cross joint:

  • Cannabis strain

  • Grinder

  • Rolling papers (small size and full size)

  • Needle, pin, or any sharp objects

  • Scissors

How to roll a cross joint?

There are seven steps in making a cross joint. After you have collected all the necessary material, let’s get started!

Step 1: Roll the fat joint

To begin, create a large joint with a full-size rolling sheet. Grinder up your favorite weed strain and pack it with far more buds than you might during a typical smoking experience. The more weed in the joint, the simpler it is to make a cross joint.

After that, keep a little blank twist on the joint’s end to light it easier when you’re ready.

Step 2: Roll the thin joint

Then, for the cross-section of the joint, form your thin joint. It’s better to make a thinner joint. A joint that’s similar in size to the fat joint burns more smoothly.

Remember to leave the twist at both tips of the thin joint.

Step 3: Make a hole in your fat joint

Now that the joints are ready. It’s time to make some changes. 

Poke a hole about three-quarters just above the bottom of the fat joint using a needle or a pin. Take your time and gently pull the needle through your joint.

When you are in, slowly push the hole with the needle. You don’t need to worry about digging a huge hole. A smaller entrance will provide a better seal after you insert the second joint.

Make a hole in the joint
Make a hole in the joint with a pin or a needle

Step 4: Make a hole in your thin joint

Let the fat joint rest for a while. Now, grab the smaller joint and make a hole straight through the center with the needle.

The hole on the thin joint should be somewhat smaller than the previous one, around twice the size of the needle you used to poke it.

The smoke from the thin joint flows up through the bigger joint and into your mouth through that little hole. Just keep calm and be accurate. If you make a mistake, the cross joint would be unusable.

Step 5: Form the cross

Forming the cross shape is an essential part of the whole process.

You need to gradually insert one tip of the small joint into the hole of the fat joint. Then, carefully twist, press, and drag the small joint through the hole until the little hole within the fat joint is visible.

The smaller the hole is in relation to the thick joint’s core, the finer and more accurately the cross joint can burn. To minimize fracturing either joint, avoid moving too quickly or harshly.

Forma cross with the two joints
Forma cross with the two joints you have poked

Step 6: Tighten the intersection

This additional step gives the joint more strength and ensures that it is totally airtight.

Let’s take out the scissors and two extra rolling sheets of any size. Then, criss-cross the adhesives around the core of the cross joint, strengthening the part where the thin joint crosses through the big one.

Step 7: Light it up

You have rolled your cross joint successfully. It’s time to burn it up and enjoy!

Enjoy your work

Why smoke a cross joint the correct way?

In most cases, rolling a standard joint will suffice. However, using the cross joint adds enjoyment to the next level.

Making a cross joint, and anyone can do it with enough repetition and lots of rolling sheets. It’s not only a fun do-it-yourself job, but it’ll also astonish your smoking friends.

It’s not the same as smoking a typical joint when you smoke a cross type. You’ll consume smoke from three places on the cross, which means you’ll be high quickly. Combining a few different cannabis strains can further improve your experience.

Tips for rolling a cross joint

The method above is straightforward. If you want to make the best of your cross joint, you may try these tips:

  • Place the rolling sheet with the adhesive strip facing up away from you before starting to roll.

  • Spread the weed equally over the paper’s center. This proper distribution will offer the joint its shape.

  • Put greater flowers at one tip of the joint to make a conical shape.

  • You can make a filter by gently rolling a tiny piece of thin paper or your business card and putting it at the end of the joint.

  • Starting in the center, roll the joints outwards to the ends with your thumbs.

  • Joints should be solid, but don’t make it too tight. The tightness will prevent you from collecting smoke through them. If the joint is loose, it will result in a rapid and inconsistent burn.
Tips For Rolling A Cross Joint
Try not to make the cross joint too tight or too loose.
  • One of the best things about using adequate rolling paper is that it offers a glue strip. You can take advantage of the strip for rolling. Moreover, the glue is safe if you inhale it. 

  • You can employ a makeshift pad or a rolling mat to prevent material waste during rolling.

  • Practice indeed makes perfect. The more you roll your joint, the better result you’ll get.

How to light the cross joint?

You’ve got your flawlessly made cross joint. Some people believe that lighting these joints requires three lighters and the assistance of a buddy, but this idea is not accurate. 

You just need to place the cross joint in your mouth and light one end of it with a flame. Ignite the large joint’s end first, then light the other two small ends. Blow as you light your joint. Also, remember to light three sides in no time.

How to light the cross joint
You will light three sides of the joint

Alternatives to rolling a cross joint

Although rolling and consuming the cross joint is enjoyable, there are many more methods to achieve a fantastic high.

You may wish to experiment with rolling more sophisticated joints, such as the diamond joint. Instead, you can try some more straightforward ways to improve your smoking time.

A glass pipe is one of the simplest approaches to obtain a terrific high. These items are handy, inexpensive, and straightforward to use. All you have to do is simply place some ground marijuana in a bowl, light it, and enjoy.

You can also invest in a bong if you are looking for a more excellent high.

Bongs are similar to pipes in that they can filter the smoke through water, resulting in milder, gentler effects. Many of them even include extra features to make the smoking experience more enjoyable.

You may even try using a weed vaporizer. These tools burn the weed to generate strong THC-rich vapor without releasing any smoke, giving very smooth and delightful doses. They’re also quite simple and cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rolling a perfect cross joint needs some practice. While trying to roll the joint, smokers come up with some relevant concerns. Here are some of their frequently asked questions. 

What exactly is the purpose of a cross joint?

A cross joint consists of two joints that are connected in a cross form. As a result, there are three ends for you to light, giving you the unique smoking experience when consuming two joints at a time.

Why isn't my joint taking off?

There are several reasons why the joint may not be hitting properly. It might be due to the weed not being sufficiently broken down, the joint being too densely packed, or a leak in the joint.

What is the best way to roll a cross blunt?

The steps rolling a cross blunt are the same as making a cross joint. Yet, rather than rolling papers, you need to utilize blunt wraps. Since blunt wraps are typically much thicker than rolling sheets, wrapping cross blunts can be a little more tricky. 

To poke holes in the blunts, you’ll need an extremely sharp tool. When creating the holes, take caution not to tear your blunt wrap.


Rolling a cross joint is a rewarding process. Aside from the rolling method, you also need to focus on the strain and rolling paper quality. You make the cross joint for a more exciting experience. Don’t let other factors destroy it.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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