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How To Roll A Swisher Properly With Easy Steps?

Swisher is one of the industry’s leading cigars. Swisher cigars are easily obtainable and reasonably priced. Each piece is also consistent and straightforward to split, making rolling quicker than with other kinds. So, how to roll a Swisher? 

There are eight steps to achieve the ideal result:

  • Step 1: Split your Swisher cigar
  • Step 2: Empty your cigar
  • Step 3: Grind the buds
  • Step 4: Prepare the roach
  • Step 5: Pack the weed in the blunt
  • Step 6: Roll and tuck the blunt
  • Step 7: Seal the blunt
  • Step 8: Blaze your blunt up

Now, let’s read on to discover what each step entails. 

What Do You Need To Roll A Swisher?

To roll a swisher properly, make sure you don’t miss anything in this checklist:

  • Dried bud

  • Swisher cigar

  • Weed grinder

  • Blunt splitter (optional)

  • Rolling tray (optional)

  • Filter (optional)

Swisher cigars are available in various tastes, including blueberry, mango, peach, grapes, and chocolate. The brand also offers hybrid blends, such as vanilla cream, watermelon punch, or lemon mango. Otherwise, you can choose the standard one.

In any case, each cigar guarantees to be flavorful and slow-burning. Also, keep in mind that you’ll only be using the cigar shell.

Swisher cigars come in various flavors
Swisher cigars come in various flavors

How To Roll A Swisher?

To create one, slice apart your cigar, remove the guts, then use the tobacco leaf as the blunt cover by packing it with your cannabis. Here is a detailed process.

Step 1: Split your Swisher cigar

You need to split your cigar lengthwise, starting from the butt to its tip. A tiny razor blade would be sufficient, although it might be challenging to use for novices. It will, however, improve with practice.

A blunt splitter can help a lot. It’s a small tool with both tips hollowed out. 

Start by inserting the Swisher cigar into the blunt splitter pipe. Continue doing so until the blade has wholly chopped the cigar down the length. Ensure the base leaf wrap doesn’t get damaged.

Start by splitting the cigar
Start by splitting the cigar

Step 2: Empty your cigar

Gently pry open the edges of the cigar after separating it. After that, with a pencil or a finger, simply push its stuff out. 

You can also remove the particles with tweezers. At this time, you should be extremely careful since you may tear the cannabis leaf. After extracting the guts, throw them away.

Step 3: Grind the buds

Now, get your cannabis ready so that your blunt wrap is fully completed. One or two grams should suffice.

You can include the less-than-desirable products, but try to use some high-quality ones. Alternatively, you may make it easy with the top-shelf blooms.

Take your weed grinder and roughly crush your buds. Do not crush it into fine dust. The powder may pass through the filter and straight into your throat and mouth.

grind the buds
Do not grind your bud into dust

Step 4: Prepare the roach

When consuming a blunt, it would be best to use a filter or a roach. Before rolling your wrap, a tiny piece of paper stays at each end. 

A minor change like this may make a massive difference in the smoking experience. It avoids plant and ash fragments from entering your mouth, lowers coughing, and minimizes inadvertent finger and lip burning.

You can purchase a filter or build one from the start using some simple components.

  • Buy a roach

There are many options out there, but RAW appears to be the most popular one. It has unpolished organic long fibers trimmed to a suitable size. You just need to roll it to use. 

Alternatively, Pre-rolled tips are also good choices. 

In any case, you should be sure that the material is durable and will manage to maintain its shape even when wet.

  • Make a roach

To make your own roach, prepare one index card and cut it into a strip. Then, bend some pleats on one tip and form an M shape and keep it lengthwise. Every fold should be the same size.

Afterward, roll your paper into a cylinder with the creases inside. Put gentle pressure on the filter until it settles on the required shape.

Step 5: Pack the weed in the blunt

Put the tobacco leaf on a rolling tray horizontally. Then, set the filter on one of the wrap’s sides. After that, begin putting your weed on the top. To fatten up the blunt, just pack as much as you want. 

A firmly packed blunt also guarantees that it has a solid and durable construction, preventing it from breaking once lighted.

Then, push the herb with one finger or softly shake the wrap to spread it equally. The organic material should be in the form of a log or a uniform cylinder at the end.

A large Swisher holds around two grams of weed. However, after you’ve gotten used to wrapping them, pushing them out or making them thinner won’t be a problem.

Step 6: Roll and tuck the blunt

Rolling is the most challenging part. If you mess up on the first attempt, don’t be too tough on yourself. Practice makes perfect.

Start by raising your blunt with both hands, placing your thumbs above the blunt and the other fingers on the rear to secure it. Now, with your two thumbs, roll the cannabis back and forth. Begin with the butt. 

Then gently turn to the burning tip. It’s fine if some plant stuff falls out during the process. The rolling tray is in charge of collecting all the bits and crumbs. 

Fold the bottom sheet of the tobacco wrap beneath the top one after you’ve done the previous step. Start folding at the lowest part and work your way up to the top.

Roll and tuck the blunt
Roll and tuck the blunt

Step 7: Seal the blunt

Finish the tucking by licking the uncovered side or the inner side of the blunt sheet for the entire length. Make sure that you have coated it with saliva, but not so much. 

Then push it over the blunt’s folded part. The saliva will serve as an adhesive, linking the two edges. Once you’ve finished, slide a lighter across the blunt to tighten it and make it less sticky.

Step 8: Blaze your blunt up

Happy time is coming! You now can light up your blunt, take a big hit, then lay back and chill as you await the intense high.


We have shared with you some tips about how to roll a Swisher. We can’t deny the Swisher prestige. It’s no surprise that this kind of roll has been current for as far as Swishers exist, with a distinctive shape and flavor similar to certain cigars, combined with price and accessibility of source. 

Although Swishers are a delightful pleasure, tobacco comes with its own set of dangers. As a result, research carefully before making them a part of your intake.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for following this post! 

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