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How Mixing Cannabis Strains Together?

Have you considered combining your cannabis strains? Try it if you haven’t already. The mix provides a unique result that you might enjoy. Of course, it may change the flavor and boost the high you will feel.

This article will show you how to mix Sativa and Indica. They stay among the top choices when it comes to cannabis mixing. We also recommend some common choices that you should try.

Let’s read on to discover!

Why Should We Mix The Strains Together?

People mix marijuana strains for a variety of reasons. The most common one is to get a distinctive high or to experience particular effects. By combining strains, smokers might take full advantage of a phenomenon known as “the entourage effect.”

People mix cannabis strains for some beneficial reasons
People mix cannabis strains for some beneficial reasons

THC and CBD, for example, might only be completely useful if consumed in combination with other terpenes and cannabinoids.

People can use different cannabinoids at the same time. They operate to create effects that are significantly different from those obtained by taking separate cannabinoids.

Mixing marijuana strains might help you get the most out of the effect. You may create more distinct effects by letting the cannabinoids and terpenes of different strains combine.

As a result, recreational users will have more control over the high. Smokers have a higher chance of getting the effects. They also get the feelings they want.

Using the cannabis mixed strains gives medicinal patients more control over their therapy. They can reduce the severity of undesirable effects as well.

What You Need To Know Before Mixing The Stains?

There are a few principles you should follow before you start creating wild marijuana mixtures. First and foremost, you may want to spend this time at home. You can experience emotions you have never experienced before.

Also, don’t consume too much all at once. Prepare yourself for a unique taste. Acquiring the greatest taste combinations will be difficult.

Your mix might not taste all that great at first. It’ll  get better the next time. Test and keep track with your findings. It will take some time to properly understand the significance of strain mixing. However, once you obtain it, the experiences can be quite satisfying.

Mixing Sativa And Indica Strains

Indica plants provide a more stoning and physical high. Sativa plants, on the other hand, give an enthusiastic head high.

Sativa and Indica have different attributes
Sativa and Indica have different attributes

However, breakthroughs in cannabis research have revealed that the situation can be more complex. Researchers recommend that we cease classifying marijuana into cultivars. Rather, we should classify them depending on their chemovars.

Due to environmental influences and phenotypic diversity, the chemical structure of the same strain might differ greatly. This new approach would assist in identifying the characteristics of certain specimens.

Sativa and Indica strains, on the other hand, vary morphologically. Indica strains have thick leaves and are often bushy. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are lanky and tall, with thin leaves.

Let’s start with a good foundation when mixing marijuana strains. A strain that produces long-lasting impacts is a solid basis for your mix. From one-third to half of your mix should be ideal for a decent base.

It may be fun to mix strains. You can experiment a little with estimating the appropriate strain intensity at first. You need to balance the euphoric effects of the THC by combining CBD-rich strains with the high-THC strains. Also, try cannabinoids other than CBD and THC.

Mixing cannabis strains is like making salad
Mixing cannabis strains is like making salad

You may select how much you grind at a time.  If it’s a fresh blend, ground enough weed for one session to see how it performs. You can also grind a huge quantity. Then put that in a sealed jar to keep it fresh for a long time.

Certain Sativa and Indica cultivars have higher terpene levels than others. You’ll be able to effectively counter the stoning. Otherwise, you’ll have to experiment with strain mixtures to stimulate the advantages of each.

Best Cannabis Strains To Mix Together

Below are some of the most preferable strain-to-strain combinations. Think about why you should give them a shot.

There are many other advisable combinations
There are many other advisable combinations

1. Medical Mass vs Royal Domina

Give these strains a try if you’re looking for a pair that can perform well in daytime. 

Royal Domina is a psychotropic force to combine with. Medical Mass, on the other hand, has a CBD concentration of 10%. It helps to control the strong high. 

2. OG Kush vs Sour Diesel

These two strains offer various tastes and a lot of THC in them. They are on the Sativa and Indica sides of the spectrum. Their combination, on the other hand, includes a middle-of-the-road high.

Sour Diesel’s genetics are 70% Sativa. It generally leads to a buzzing, enthusiastic high. Indica-dominant and myrcene-rich OG Kush, on the other hand, will push the results closer to the middle of the range. They can make a well-rounded piece.

3. Blue Mystic vs Royal Cheese

These strains work together to create wonderful terpenes. The strong smells and tastes of earthiness and cheese characterize Royal Cheese. Blue Mystic produces a torrent of sweetness that is both opposing and supportive. 

4. Chocolate Haze vs Wedding Gelato

Wedding Gelato’s purple blooms have a strong THC concentration of 25%. It adds to the genetic makeup of Indica dominance. This strain may melt you onto the sofa and bathe yourself in ecstasy.

Chocolate Haze, on the other hand, will deliver a lucid experience into the mix. It helps balance out a strong body high. This strain also allows consumers to concentrate and work on creative tasks while still feeling euphoric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try mixing cannabis strains?

Sure! It will undoubtedly take some trial and error to get your ideal blend. However, if you can get the proper match, the adventure must be well worth it.

Will Sativa strains keep me awake?

Sativa might keep you awake. However, the outcome still depends on the quantity your body can endure. Sativa is a cannabis strain that drives the smokers rather than relaxes the mind.

What is the effect of the Indica and Sativa mix?

Each one has a distinctive style and set of attributes. Many people assume that the benefits of both are binary. Sativa will give you a nice cerebral buzz. Meanwhile, Indica will offer you a relaxing body high.

What is the most intense Indica strain?

Purple Kush is an Indica-dominant strain. With an average THC content of 22%, it is one among the world’s strongest Indica strains. Some gardeners even have achieved significantly greater THC concentration by adjusting their growth methods, and harvesting.


Each strain influences the smokers in different ways. Understanding how to mix cannabis strains might boost the effect and bring you new experience. Mixing Sativa and Indica is an outstanding example. 

It would be best to blend two cannabis strains with opposing characteristics for the greatest results. Hopefully, you will find a perfect match.

If you need any further information, please feel free to ask.

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